How to do cybersecurity at work

It’s now the second week of October, and that means the second themed week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) has kicked in.

Last week’s theme was Simple steps to online safety, so we gave you 3 tips for cybersecurity throughout your digital life – small behavioural changes that ramp up your resilience to cybercrooks.

This week’s theme is more work-focused, and is officially entitled Cybersecurity in the workplace Is everyone’s business.

We couldn’t agree more.

Computer security at work used to be IT’s problem; IT set the rules, and that was that.

But there are two problems with that approach: it’s inefficient (IT can’t predict everything that might go wrong), and it’s unbalanced (if IT doesn’t block a website, for example, that doesn’t automatically make it safe to use).

It’s a bit like speed limits – they’re statutory maxima, so you’re never allowed to exceed them, no matter how important you might think you are; at the same time, they’re not entitlements, so it’s often necessary to drive slower, perhaps much slower, than the signposted limit.

We have several articles of tips and a Facebook Live video planned for this week, so keep your eyes on the Naked Security website, and follow our @NakedSecurity Twitter feed, as we give you our advice on How to do cybersecurity at work.