New Year’s #sophospuzzle crossword 2017/2018 – solution and winners!

If you tried our New Year’s 2017/2018 #sophospuzzle crossword and didn’t manage to finish it off, then FRET no more.

You don’t need to try to PREDICT the answers any more, or to feel as though you were hit by a COSH in your PRIME after solving no more than ONE HALF of the clues, or to worry that you’d run out of BEANS trying to SPREAD your answers across the grid.

This is what you were after:

In full, with the clues and the answers laid out linearly:

Well done to the 24 people who solved the puzzle in time, with the winners highlighted in blue:

🥇 Donal (@donalhunt), Cork, Ireland @ 2017-12-29T23:24Z

🥈 James Hodgkinson (Yaleman), Brisbane, QLD, Australia @ 2017-12-30T00:48Z

🥉 Rhett Hooper, Salt Lake City, UT, USA @ 2017-12-30T00:54Z

Andrew King, Darwin, NT, Australia

Melissa R, Mississippi, USA

Peter K, Hungary

Ian O’Neill, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK

William Steinka, Connecticut, USA

Presian Yankulov (@presianbg), Sofia, Bulgaria

Andrew Yeomans, Tring, Hertfordshire, UK

David Nason, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Jenn L, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jason Haar (@jhaar), Christchurch, New Zealand

James Beckett (@hackery), UK

Jorrit Kronjee, The Netherlands

Beverly P, Texas, USA

Monica G, Oregon, USA

John P, France

Richard Cardona (@richardcardona), Texas, USA

Phil Rhea, UK

Malcolm (@obelix6320), Bristol, UK

David McKenzie, (@davewj), Glasgow, UK

Ramesh Babu, Kerala, India

Kenny P, Eau Claire, WI, USA

The winner for the fastest solution is, as you can see from the list above, Donal Hunt from Cork in Ireland.

And our randomly-chosen winner from the rest of the solvers (we used a 10p coin to generate a non-deterministic random bit stream) is Andrew Yeomans from Tring in Hertfordshire, UK.

Congratulations to Donal and Andrew – guys, please email us ( so we can arrange to get your shirts sent out!

Thanks to everyone who took part – we hope you enjoyed this #sophospuzzle, and we’d love to see you next time.

Have a great 2018.

PS. If there are any answers you’d like us to explain, just leave us a comment below. You don’t have to give your name.