NFC card skimming – is it really a thing? [VIDEO]

Last week we published an article entitled Does your credit card need a tinfoil hat to keep it safe on the train?

Sophos expert Matt Boddy set out to answer some modern-day concerns we hear surprisingly frequently: if you’ve got a contactless payment card or passport, could you get digitally pickpocketed, and, if so, can you prevent it happening?

Well, now!

Lots of readers messaged us to say they really enjoyed Matt’s entertaining and practical style (and thanks for your kind words, everyone), but we also managed to stir up a whole load of controversy that we didn’t expect.

So we took to Facebook Live to work through all the talking points we’ve been confronted with since last week…

(Can’t see the video directly above this line, or getting an error such as “no longer available”? Watch on Facebook instead.)

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