Joke dating site matches people based on their passwords

Let us ask you this, Ms. “123456” and Mr. “Password”, are you tired of making excuses when your password winds up on the yearly worst passwords lists?

Wouldn’t you like to meet somebody who shares your confusion over how to use a password manager?

Despair no longer! As Motherboard reports, there’s now a dating site that matches people based on their passwords.

It’s called Words of the Heart. It’s billed as a way to help find and date people who have the same password.

Because why? Because…

We believe that something as intimate as your password best describes your inner self.

Fortunately for all of us, it’s a joke site, and unfortunately for all of us, the site’s makers (reasonably enough) felt the need to spell that out loud and clear on the front page to prevent anybody from entering an actual password:

DO NOT USE your real password here, especially a password for something important (banks, e-mail, Facebook)!

Actually, that disclaimer was added after infosec Twitterers laughed and poked at the site last week:

I tested the site, using “password” as a password. What joy: I found many potential dates!

The site’s creator, Krzysztof Zając, confirmed to Motherboard that the site is indeed not meant to be taken seriously:

I came up with this idea as a joke and decided it would be funny to implement it.

Are you such an elite user that you can’t figure out a terrible password to input into Words of Heart? We’re here to help! Check out our foolproof guide to choosing terrible passwords. Don’t be frightened: it has a flowchart to guide you through (what’s hopefully) the unfamiliar task of coming up with an easily hacked password!

If you don’t get the joke and honestly don’t understand how people come up with unique, hard-to-guess passwords for each and every one of the online spots where they’re required, please do check out our video on how to pick a proper password.

Feel like trying a password manager? Check out the writings on these tools from Naked Security’s Maria Varmazis, who recently explained a few of them that aren’t crazy tough to figure out.

And what about if you’re already an elite password picker, and if you just can’t find anybody who shares your unique, highly entropic, PRNG-generated passwords? Well then, congratulations! You are NOT fresh meat waiting for password-snarfing buzzards!

But also, you have our sympathy. Maybe you’re in for a bleak love life, as Ross Neumann noted: