5 tips to stay secure on social media

Here at Naked Security, we’re well aware that social networks aren’t for everyone, and if you’ve decided to stay away from them, we’re good with that.

After all, the best way to prevent privacy blunders and data breaches is simply not to give out the data in the first place – or, if you’re a vendor, not to pressurise people into sharing things that they don’t need to give you and that you’ll probably never use anyway.

But we’re not killjoys, either.

We enjoy spending time on social media – it’s a fun and effective way to keep in contact with our followers and to spread the word about cybersecurity without relying entirely on written articles.

We think you can be part of the social media scene and yet keep enough of your life and lifestyle private that you end up enjoying the benefits without being squashed by the risks…

…but you do need to follow some simple guidelines, both to protect yourself from online rogues, and to stop those same online rogues abusing your account to attack your friends.

Anyway, last weekend was #SocialMediaDay, which was meant to be a way to celebrate all the cool things that social networks let you do, but NOT a call to throw all caution to the winds and start sharing everything with everyone!

So we thought we’d take to social media ourselves, and give you 5 social media security tips to help you get the balance right:

(Watch directly on YouTube if the video won’t play here.)

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