S2 Ep8: Facebook leak, $5m ransoms, DNS angst – Naked Security Podcast

Episode 8 of the Naked Security Podcast is now live!

This week I stepped in to host the show with Paul Ducklin, Ben Jones and special guest Peter Mackenzie.

Peter fights complex and advanced malware here at Sophos and joined us to share the latest ransomware trends [0’37”]. Ben discusses a recent leak of Facebook data that led to the exposure of more than 100 million phone numbers [15’50”] and Duck explains why not everyone is happy about Mozilla’s move towards DNS over HTTPS [31’36”].

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By the way – here’s our latest fun animation based on last week’s episode. Watch now and see if you can beat Duck’s limerick – comment below with your own verse! (For bonus points, try starting with the same first line: There was a young lady called Prue…)

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