S2 Ep13.5: All about social media: Growing up online, parent advice and social shaming – Naked Security Podcast

In light of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re giving you a special splinter episode all about social media.

Host Anna Brading asks guests to offer their personal perspective on social media. Mark Stockley, father of two, shares his experience of setting boundaries with gaming and other digital platforms; Harry McMullin talks about what it was like to grow up with social media from a young age [8’53”]; and Alice Duckett discusses cancel culture and social media shaming [27’49”].

We record episodes every week discussing the latest and biggest cybersecurity news stories. Did you like this episode centered around one topic? Let us know, and also tell us if there’s another area you want us to explore in more depth like this one.

We’ll be back with the regular weekly podcast next Wednesday.

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