How to do cybersecurity – join us online for the Sophos Evolve event

If you are a regular Naked Security reader, you’ll know that we generally steer clear of publishing content that deals specifically with Sophos products and services.

That’s because our primary goal on this site is to help all of you learn more about cybersecurity by offering information and tips that work whatever operating system, apps and threat protection software you use.

Of course, we happily link from here to content that is all about Sophos, both in the articles and in the comments.

That’s not only because we want to make sure that Sophos customers know how to get the best out of our own products and services, but also because understanding how we organise our threat research, and why our products work the way they do, is more than just a fascinating story.

Knowing why our products have evolved as they have, from the very people who have evolved them, provides a powerful insight into how to deal with today’s fast-shifting, ever-changing threats.

Ten years ago, if you automatically detected and blocked a malware sample on one of the computers on your network, you’d probably – and quite reasonably – consider that a job well done.

If you were also able to remove that threat automatically before any harm was done, you’d probably consider that to be the end of the incident and you would move on to the next problem.

These days, however, we know that some malware samples that show up and “get blocked” are merely the beginning, and not the end, of a new attack.

That’s because ransomware criminals, amongst others, often work from inside your network, deliberately mounting mini-attacks and tripping minor alarms simply to see how your defences are organised.

Know your enemy

Well, if the crooks can do the whole “know your enemy” thing, then so can you!

So we’d like to invite you to join Sophos Evolve, a free online event that is taking place on Tuesday 2020-11-17 (that’s tomorrow) and Wednesday 2020-11-18.

You’ll hear talks from industry experts and Sophos insiders about threat intelligence, hacker techniques, cybersecurity solutions, and more.

You’ll not only learn about Synchronized Security, Sophos Central, Intercept X with EDR, XG Firewall, Managed Threat Response, Mobile Security…

…but also be able to watch live hacking demos from industry experts from inside and outside Sophos.

View the talks and pick the ones you’d like to see:

If you’re in the APJ region, you can join us next week (2020-11-24 and 2020-11-25) at times that may suit you better:

Please join us if you can.