S3 Ep8: A conversation with Katie Moussouris [Podcast]

Hi, everyone – for S3 Ep8, we’ve gone live a day early to take into account the US Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday. (Followed, of course, by Black Friday, so if you’re splashing out online, please take care out there!)

This week, we talk to hacker and vulnerability disclosure pioneer, Katie Moussouris.

Katie Moussouris, CEO of Luta Security

Join us for a fascinating episode with Katie about her journey, the bugs in bug bounty programs, and the people who inspired her along the way.

Interviewer: Kimberly Truong.
Special guest: Katie Moussouris (@k8em0 on Twitter), Founder and CEO of Luta Security.

Intro and outro music: Edith Mudge.


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