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Andrew Ludgate is a Threat Researcher for SophosLabs Canada. His research areas include Mac, Spam and Data Leakage related threats.

You practice safe computing, so why do you still see malware?


Think you are a security aware computer user, but still get occasional security alerts and pop-ups? Follow these tips to help keep your Mac or PC clean as a whistle.

Zeus Botnet still going strong... targetting NACHA members


Chances are, you or someone you know has received an email purporting to be from NACHA saying your ACH membership has expired. Unless you're in the Financial Payments industry however, you might not know what this is.

For Scammed Eyes Only...

For Scammed Eyes Only...

When I received the following email, it piqued my curiosity, as the scammers are targetting a very select group of individuals with their campaign: people who have, in the past, fallen for an email scam. I guess this makes sense, Read more…

Bonne Saint-Valentin's

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It's finally here, that day eagerly anticipated by spammers and malware authors around the world -- and they're hard at work trying to snag those last minute shoppers. We have the expected Viagra spammers: Casino spammers: and, of course, replica Read more…

What do you see?

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Here in the labs, we recently had an interesting message arrive in our systems; after viewing the message, 100% of those polled agreed on what it was. What do you think? If you answered spam, you're on your way to Read more…

Partnerka Affiliates Update Their Spam

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Over the past few weeks, we've been seeing some interesting trends in certain types of spam -- interestingly, the trends were brought to our attention by the spammers themselves. Normally, Fridays are pretty quiet days in the labs; Russian spammers Read more…

International MJ Conspiracies With a Payload

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Yes, sadly we're still talking about people taking advantage of Michael Jackson's death. This week, we've seen a rise in malware purporting to show images and video leading up to Michael's death -- many malware groups around the world appear Read more…

Looking for work? Some jobs ARE too good to be true.

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In this time of increasing unemployment, it appears the money fraud scammers have found a new target demographic. Traditionally, "money mule" scams have involved beleaguered survivors of fallen third world political regimes claiming to have money they want your help Read more…

That e-Card may not contain the easter egg you're expecting

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Did someone send you an e-card? Check those links before you view it. Messages posing as legitimate greeting cards with titles such as "You've received A Hallmark E-Card! !" have been prevalent on the Internet and filtered by our anti-spam Read more…