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Anna Brading is Naked Security's editor. She has worked in tech for more than ten years and as a writer with Sophos for over five. She's interested in social media, privacy and keeping people safe online.

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Naked Security wins Best Corporate Blog at RSA


We've done it again! For the fifth year running, we've won an award at the Security Blogger Awards which takes place at RSA.

WhatsApp issues 24 hour ban for WhatsApp Plus users

Whatsapp ban

WhatsApp has started giving out day-long bans to those using a third party Android app to send and receive messages through its service.

Hold data on EU citizens? Check if you'll be compliant with the new Data Protection Regulation

Padlock. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation applies to all organisations that hold data on EU citizens, even if they are not based in an EU country. Does your organisation comply with the new rules?

Happy holidays, thanks, and a request from us to you

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It's that time of year when many of our Naked Security writers go on a little break, so you might notice we'll be a bit quieter for the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who read the site and contributed, now it's time for us to ask you for your feedback...

Home Depot credit card breach: company to "investigate"

Home Depot

Home Depot has responded to reports yesterday that it suffered a credit card breach.

OMG, you would not BELIEVE what Facebook thinks about click-baiting

Click here. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Facebook is cracking down on those click-baiting headlines - you know, the ones that say “YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS GIRL DID NEXT”, or “Watch what happens when this guy puts a BATTERY in a MICROWAVE”.

A day in the life of a Sophos SysAdmin

System administrator. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Today is SysAdmin Day. We have to have a day for SysAdmins because they often don't get the recognition they deserve. And if, like many, you're wondering what a SysAdmin does in a day, we spoke to one of our very own system administrators, Mark Faulds, who gave us the run down...

SysAdmins… do we have a prize for you!

The Throne

Last year, we gave away a pizza party to one lucky sys admin. This year, some very nice people in charge of the budget have given us a bit more money...

Hootsuite suffers DoS attack, reassures users

Hootsuite owl

Social media management tool Hootsuite has recovered from a denial of service (DoS) attack which left users unable to use the system for some time yesterday.

Whatsapp's Jan Koum says privacy won't suffer with Facebook acquisition

Whatsapp logo

Jan Koum, co-founder and CEO of Whatsapp, has responded to concerns that have surfaced since the company was acquired by Facebook.

Facebook is not launching a "No Religion" or a "No Swearing" campaign


No, Facebook isn't banning religion from the site, nor is it putting a permanent account ban on anyone with a foul mouth. Don't fall for these latest Facebook hoaxes.

Sophos scavenger hunt - test your security knowledge and win a T-shirt

Scavenger hunt

It's that time of year again - can you find the answers hidden within the Threat Report?

UK government urges small businesses to become more "cyber streetwise"

UK government urges small businesses to be more cyber streetwise

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement that it's launched a new £4 million campaign to help raise awareness of cyber security issues, the UK government has today urged SMEs to get more clued-up on cyber security.

Half of UK people are not protecting themselves online, says government

Half of UK people are not protecting themselves online, says UK government

People are not doing enough to protect themselves online, according to the UK government, who have today launched a new £4 million campaign to help raise awareness of cyber security issues.

How secure is your network? Take the test...

Is your network safe from threats? Take the test...

Are you responsible for IT security in your company? Do you know how safe your network really is? Sophos has developed a test to help you find out just how protected you are.

A little thanks from Naked Security

A little thanks from Naked Security

We're feeling a bit festive so we're giving away an iPad Air and lots of tshirts. Make sure you're in with a chance of winning!

Anti-Bullying Week 2013: Advice for parents on cyber-bullying

Anti-Bullying Week 2013: Advice for parents on cyber-bullying

In support of Anti-Bullying Week, national coordinator, Luke Roberts, gives advice for parents in spotting signs of cyber-bullying, what to do when your child is the bully, and how best to help your child if they are being bullied.

Anti-Bullying Week 2013: Understanding cyber-bullying

ABW 2013

In this first of two articles to support Anti-Bullying Week, national coordinator, Luke Roberts, explains how teasing becomes cyber-bullying, why it’s so prolific and how we should tackle it.

Adobe breach THIRTEEN times worse than thought, 38 million users affected


Adobe originally estimated that the breach affected around 2.9 million users. As it turns out the number is actually 38 million, with the information taken including Adobe IDs, encrypted passwords, customer names, encrypted debit and credit card numbers, expiry dates and customer order details.