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Beth Jones Senior Threat Researcher, SophosLabs US Beth manages the day-to-day research and analysis activities of incoming suspicious malware threats that arrive in SophosLabs via customers, partners and prospects. Beth has worked in Sophos's Boston lab for more than five years and brings nearly a decade of network security experience to Sophos.

Mobile device security in the US military comes under fire

Mobile device security in the US military comes under fire

A recent report by the US Inspector General revealed staggering flaws in the US military's management of mobile devices, and a severe lack of basic IT security protection in place for such devices.

Internet doomsday on July 9th? Don't panic!

Internet doomsday on July 9th? Don't panic!

Users may not realise now that their computers are using rogue DNS servers to access the internet... but come July 9th, things might be rather different.

Find out how to check your computer, and how Sophos products can help.

Don't fall for the Recovering American Soldier hoax


A message spreads on Facebook telling you how you can send a Christmas card to an anonymous American soldier - but all is not what it seems.

Shopping spree at Morrisons? Nope, another Facebook scam...

Shopping spree at Morrisons? Nope, another Facebook scam...

Food prices are high, morale is low, so who wouldn't want nice big £150 gift card from Morrisons?

Facebook scammers lure social networking users into a survey scam in the run-up to Christmas.

iPads in the kindergarten? Some tips for better security and safety


With children as young as five now being told it's mandatory to bring an iPad into the classroom, what can be done to ensure safe and secure surfing?

It's that time again...

It's that time again...

Today in Boston is a special day. Yes it's raining, but today the yellow buses have started their engines. It's back to school time! I thought I might use this as a reminder to talk to your kids about computer Read more…

A bit of a reality check

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I was on Facebook checking all my security settings again, when I saw something pop up in my feed from Sophos. It was a link to a tool to check your privacy settings called Reclaim Privacy. After playing with the Read more…

Who's watching you really?

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This morning while I was enjoying my coffee I received an event notification for my personal Facebook account. It was for a group called "See Who's Spying On Your Profile - GET NOTIFIED -". and "See Everyone Who Views Your Read more…

Handing over your password is just an app away

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I was checking my personal Twitter feed today and saw friends posting how long they've been tweeting along with a link. The tweet looked something like this: "Tweeting for # years, # months, # weeks, # day, # hours, # Read more…

Controlling your hijacking your group

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I saw in the news today about Facebook groups being hijacked through a design flaw. When a group is created on Facebook, you have the option of it being an open group (anyone can join) or a closed group (invite Read more…

Phish... it's what's for dinner

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I've been watching the latest phishing attack happening on Twitter for the last week or so. It seems to be one major campaign that keeps changing the DM (direct message) text every couple of hours. It's been messages like "woah... Read more…

Look and feel great! Try this pill (Or how to make your wallet lighter?)

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Another Twitter direct message (DM) scam was happening today, but apparently this time the hook was to prey on users' vanity. Several messages were seen with the following text: "I lost 25lbs using this " "whoa this works. i feel Read more…

Are you old enough to watch this?

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I was watching some of the activity on Twitter today and noticed a really some really odd tweets. It was only one, every couple hours and while the text "Haha, look at this vid" didn't change, the link did. It Read more…

A Zbot kind of day

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Today was a holiday in the US and Canada, but malware authors never take a break. We saw a decent number of campaigns today. One was blogged about earlier here, but the others were the usual tax statements allegedly from Read more…

Another Adobe exploit to patch

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I was clicking around in the news today and saw Adobe announce another exploit was in the wild and they should release a patch for it next Tuesday. Again, this one is affecting versions 9.1.3 and earlier, for Linux, Mac Read more…

Are that many followers worth it??

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I received a notice that I had a new follower on Twitter, so I decided to see who it was. Nope, no one I recognized. I went to check out their page and I saw this: I knew this is Read more…

And so it begins (again)

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I was recently interviewed here about the potential security threats facing the G20. In previous years, when we got to about the two week mark, we'd start to see a rise in malware and spam targeting the G20. It'd peak Read more…

Everywhere a tweet, tweet

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I've been noticing a lot of spam on Twitter recently, especially tweets touting the latest and greatest malware, er I mean "PC cleaners". How are all these tweets being generated in such a short period of time? The answer - Read more…

FireFox may need asbestos suit

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There's been quite a bit of buzz about the latest zero-day FireFox exploit. For those not in the know, it's a vulnerability in how JavaScript code is handled by their new TraceMonkey component. So this exploit only works in 3.5.x. Read more…

Are you part of the USA/South Korean DDoS attack?

DDoS attack against USA and South Korea

This question came up in a discussion on the recent DDoS attack on various US and South Korean sites. The main concern was if there was a way to tell if his/her computer had been compromised to be a part Read more…