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Hi. I am a social, brand and communications expert with 10 years in senior roles in the tech space. I'm currently Sophos' s Global Director of Social Media and Communities. Proudest work achievement? Creating and launching award-winning Naked Security. Outside work, I am a mean cook, an avid reader, a chronic insomniac, a podcast obsessive and blogger .

Naked Security's Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault say goodbye

Naked Security's Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault say goodbye

The end of an era has come. After a combined service of - gulp - 29 years, Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault are saying au revoir...

Reveton ransomware gang arrested by Spanish police

Reveton malware gang arrested by Spanish police

The Spanish police have arrested 11 individuals suspected of being members of the infamous Reveton ransomware gang.

How Justin Bieber's name is used by internet perverts

Justin Bieber's name used by internet perverts

In response to an increased number of sexual blackmailers harassing and terrorising young girls online, the FBI has published tips to help young people better protect themselves. We also added a few more for good measure.

Sophos awarded VB100 in Windows Server 2003 R2 comparative anti-virus test


Sophos awarded VB100 in comparative test by Virus Bulletin of 36 different anti-virus products.

Losing a phone or device REALLY sucks [INFOGRAPHIC]


Ahhh, losing phones - something i sadly do often. A recent survey has some interesting findings: it reported that men were more likely than women to lose devices, and that Londoners lost devices more often than people living elsewhere in the UK. Any of this surprise you?

Who reads Naked Security? The results are in....


A few weeks ago, we asked you, our readers, a little bit more about you. Here are the results of that anonymous poll.

New updated Virus Removal Tool from Sophos now available


Sophos has just released an updated version of its free and very popular Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

Who reads Naked Security?


The other day, someone asked me: so who exactly reads Naked Security? And how do you know you are giving them what they want?

How to avoid fake Sophos Support pages

How to avoid fake Sophos Support pages

Sophos has received reports that some Google searches for "Sophos Technical Support" lead to bogus pages purporting to be official Sophos Support contact information. Remember, Sophos Support provides free support to all customers and partners experiencing any software issues, including the Shh/Updater-B false positive.

Would you open a sexy email sitting in your business inbox?

Would you open a sexy email sitting in your business inbox?

Imagine you are at work. You're rattling through your email message. And in your inbox, sitting quietly, is a message with the word "sexy" in the title...

Would you open it?

Megaupload bad boy founder gets to see FBI's extradition evidence, says NZ judge

Kim Dotcom - image from

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been facing extradition to the US for serious charges related to file-sharing service. Today, he and his lawyers will be breathing a little easier as a New Zealand Judge upholds their request.

Quora listened to you and changed its "Views" privacy setting


Quora added a new feature to "Views" that displayed data about what people are viewing on the web in the main Quora feed. User blacklash seems to have convinced Quora to remove it.

Bitcoin trading platform sued by members for $460,000

Bitcoin wallets: Protect your digital currency

Four Bitcoin users are suing the coin exchange for $460,000 USD, accusing the now frozen Bitcoin trading platform Bitcoinica for breach of contract and negligence.

Facebook slapped by FTC for failing to meet security promises


The US Federal Trade Commission has agreed its settlement with Facebook. What do you think the penalties are? is crippled under a massive DDoS. Is the TrapWire leak to blame?

Wikileaks crippled under massive DDoS - is the TrapWire document leak the reason?

WikiLeaks says it is the victim of a massive DDoS. Is it because it leaked TrapWire's surveillance system that makes use of real-time facial profiling to search databases of red-flagged individuals?

Are you a potentially dangerous social misfit (aka not on Facebook)?


While there is no law (yet) to say we all need to be on Facebook, societal norms do play a big part in whether or not we are good bets. Joining Facebook seems to be becoming an increasingly important factor...

Watch Sophos's James Lyne audition for TED2013


Sophos's James Lyne recently auditioned to present at next year's main TED conference in Long Beach California: "The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered." Take a look and see what you think.

Watch his audition, and let TED know what you think.

Convicted sex offenders must reveal their criminal status on Facebook, says Louisiana law

Convicted sex offenders must reveal their criminal status on Facebook, says new Louisiana law

Starting August 1, convicted child predators and sex offenders in Louisiana not only have to register with the local authorities, such as police and schools, they will also be required to post their criminal status on their Facebook page.

Free virus removal tool: 27% found malware missed by existing anti-virus


Sophos's free virus removal tool has been updated and reissued, thanks to feedback from Naked Security readers. It now is 20% faster and has better detection and clean-up capabilities.

Free Sophos Anti-Virus app for your Android


To help you better safeguard your Android phone and tablet, Sophos just published Sophos Mobile Security for Android in Google Play. Oh, and it's free!