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Hi. I am a social, brand and communications expert with 10 years in senior roles in the tech space. I'm currently Sophos' s Global Director of Social Media and Communities. Proudest work achievement? Creating and launching award-winning Naked Security. Outside work, I am a mean cook, an avid reader, a chronic insomniac, a podcast obsessive and blogger .

Magic mirror on the wall, what's the best smartphone of all?


Until last week, iPhone's Siri would respond to "What is the best smartphone?" with - gulp - iPhone's competitor Nokia Lumia 900. This "bug" has now been fixed by Apple, but Nokia are making sure everyone is aware that Apple is overriding the software.

Bitcoin exchange gets attacked and loses cash...again!


The Bitcoin exchange Bitcoinica took its servers offline after they discovered $90,000 USD worth of bitcoins was stolen from its systems. This is the second time this year Bitcoinica have been targeted.

Pirate Party censored from helping people bypass Pirate Bay block


Dutch court orders the Pirate Party, a political party in favour of free sharing of information and data, remove all links and workaround instructions on how to bypass the ISP block on The Pirate Bay.

FTC puts Myspace on the naughty step for selling users' private information


Myspace settles charges with The FTC for sharing the private information and web browsing habits of its 25 million users with advertisers. Do you think it's enough of a slap on the wrist?

Belgian bank blackmailed by hackers threatening to expose customer data


Hackers break into a Belgian bank, steal confidential customer information, and then blackmail the bank: pay us or we expose your customers' confidential data. Who is the real victim here?

#EPICFAIL Pirate Bay block backfires with work-around published online

Pirate Bay logo

UK Courts have forced big ISPs to block access to Pirate Bay, but the effort seems to have backfired spectacularly: the file-sharing site enjoyed "12 million more visitors than it has ever had" yesterday. Find out why...

Smartphones: which one do you like best?

smartphones: which is the best?

Which is the better smartphone choice: iPhone, Android, Blackberry? Which is most secure? Check out what Naked Security readers thought, and take the chance to have your say.

Opinion: America is under cyber attack, so what should we do?


US House of Representatives kicked off “cybersecurity week,” with "America is Under Cyber Attack: Why Urgent Action is Needed." Is using Hollywood-style language really the way to deal with a really serious issue?

Facebook teams up with Sophos and other security vendors

Facebook teams up with Sophos

Facebook has announced that it is teaming up with a number of security vendors, including Sophos.

Only 4% of IT staff trust users: free security toolkit now available

Apple education

User education is of course a great idea, but we all know how hard it is to get the messages across in a clear and memorable way. Sophos launches a free education toolkit to help the poor IT guys who are responsible for user education.

Free Virus Removal Tool for download from Sophos


Sophos has just launched a free, no strings attached, Virus Removal Tool to detect and, more importantly, disinfect all those nasty viruses, spyware, rootkits and even fake antivirus.

Hacker jailed for stealing millions of banking and PayPal identities


UK-based Edward Pearson from York has been jailed for more than two years for stealing millions of personal identities. Read how he got caught before cashing in on his stolen goods.

Teacher loses job over Facebook photo, files lawsuit

teacher cartoon

Teacher's aide Kimberly Hester posted a picture on Facebook that was reported as offensive. She is filing a lawsuit because the school subsequently suspended her for not allowing them access to her profile. Does she have a case?

Are you being more private on Facebook?


Researchers looked at 1.4 million Facebook profiles from New York City in March 2010 and then again in June 2011. Do you think anything changed in that time?

Games developer Rockyou fined $250K for not securely storing customer data

rockyou faces FTC fines

Rockyou were fined by the FTC for storing customer data in plain text. 32 million login details were stolen and published on the web. What can the rest of us learn from this?

17-year-old Dutch hacker arrested for accessing KPN servers


The Dutch High Tech Crime Team has arrested a 17-year-old man for accessing customer account data on servers run by KPN, one of the largest ISPs in The Netherlands.

Scarlett Johansson hacker pleads guilty - faces up to 60 years in jail


Celebrity hacker Christopher Chaney pleads guilty to nine felony counts, including wiretapping and accessing computer systems without authorisation. He faces 60 years in the slammer.

Lost your mobile? You're not alooooooone...

man talking into banana phone

I have left phones in airplanes, in cabs, at friends' houses, is embarrassing really. But it turns out I'm not the only one.