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Hi. I am a social, brand and communications expert with 10 years in senior roles in the tech space. I'm currently Sophos' s Global Director of Social Media and Communities. Proudest work achievement? Creating and launching award-winning Naked Security. Outside work, I am a mean cook, an avid reader, a chronic insomniac, a podcast obsessive and blogger .

Is online privacy a right or a privilege?

A white dry erase board with red marker, with the words Target Your Customers

ENISA conducted some research to examine the economic dimension of privacy. Put simply: would you pay a bit extra for additional privacy?

Google subpoenaed by FBI to access a pimp's pattern-locked Samsung smartphone

pimp by Carole

The story of the Pimpin Hoes Daily gang founder Dante Dears, his pattern-locked Samsung phone, the feds, google, and subpoenas. Why couldn't the FBI get into the locked phone? Get the popcorn - this is interesting.

Five free tips to take from NATO's top dog fake Facebook account


It was recently revealed that a fake Facebook account was created in the name of James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid falling for similar scams.

Vikileaks Twitter campaign falls over, but Vic Toews still standing


While the fury over Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' really, really poor choice of words continues to snowball, Vikileaks Twitter campaign was shut down last night.

Twitter tarnished by iPhone contact scandal

twitterbird ooops

As Twitter admits that its mobile apps, once installed, download and store your private phonebook information, and Apple get grilled by a congressional inquiry about privacy, we ask whether consumers should be treated a little less like cattle and a bit more like valued customers?

350,000 users exposed by hardcore porn hack

XXX on fire

A hacker claims to have stolen information from 350,000 users of Brazzers, a hardcore production company based in North America, to highlight a security vulnerability.

#EpicFail for U.S. student who used keylogger to increase grades


31-year-old student from Warrington admits to trying to improve his grades at Temple University Ambler Campus, near Philadelphia, by hacking into the university’s computerised grading system.

Why is a 14-month-old patched Microsoft vulnerability still being exploited?


While the media just looove zero-day exploits, the security industry sees a lot more exploits designed to take advantage of patched vulnerabilities. Question is why don't many of us get around to installing the patches?

Naked Security wishes you great holidays

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We're winding down a little for the Christmas break so you might find us a bit quieter than usual.

See you back here in 2012!

Controversial SOPA bill gets more heat from internet giants YouTube, Google and Wikipedia

say no to SOPA bill

Today is the day that the US's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill is scheduled to be voted on. And unsurprisingly, the who's who of Silicon Valley are not happy. Several web gurus have banded together to voice their dislike of the bill in an open letter.

Phone hacking scandal: computer hacker suspect arrested


Yesterday, British police arrested an unnamed 52-year-old man in Milton Keynes for computer hacking related to the News of the World phone hacking fiasco.

Thanksgiving: eat the bounty, hang out with family and update web browsers

IE 6 logo and hand turkey

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend in the US. It's a holiday of gluttony and family time, and, according to The Atlantic, a chance to update your family's internet browsers.

Hackers target AT&T wireless users

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Telecommunications giant AT&T admitted that hackers organised an attack against 1% of its 100.7 million wireless account customers.

Hackers could throw open prison doors, research shows


Research presented at the Hacker Halted conference in Miami late last month showed how hackers could take control of industrial control systems used in prisons.

Adidas tripped up by cyber attack and takes down sites


The popular sportswear manufacturer Adidas has suffered a "sophisticated, criminal cyber attack" made against a number of its sites.

Naked Security celebrates first birthday by supporting Movember

Naked Security Happy Birthday

First, happy birthday to us. Naked Security is one year old.To celebrate our birthday, we have convinced writer Graham Cluley to grow a wonderful bushy moooouuuuustash in aid of in aid of Movember..

Hackers would never be hired by security vendors....right?

Careers section in Newspaper

Customers build a relationship based on trust with security vendors. After all, customers who buy security solutions like anti-virus or anti-spam grant security companies access to update computers and devices. Question is should security companies open their doors to people known to have dabbled in grey and black-hat hacking?

Bank catches thief in the act - the yucky world of insider fraud

White collar crime

How annoying is it when someone, placed in a position of trust, rips people off? The snappily named Delaware County District Attorney's Criminal Investigation Unit has filed charges against Librado Wright, a financial specialist at Wachovia Bank, on multiple charges of insider fraud.

How to check if your details have been compromised

Screwed Loo Roll

Are you worried that your online accounts might have been compromised? A new service called PwnedList claims to scoop up compromised email addresses and usernames and letting us the public go and check whether theirs is listed.