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Graham Lee's business card says he's a "smartphone security boffin", so it must be true. He owns Fuzzy Aliens Limited, a security consultancy service for mobile app developers, has written a book on Mac application security and is often found speaking at iPhone developer conferences, helping developers get security right and taking the burden off the users. Graham's writes a blog about secure Mac programming. Follow him on Twitter at @iamleeg.

Amstrad's retro E-m@iler, email privacy and data loss

Amstrad's retro E-m@iler, email privacy and data loss

The purchase of a second-hand oddball phone/internet hybrid, the Amstrad E-m@iler, uncovers emails that probably should have remained private to the original owner.

Three free tips to better protect your iPhone


iPhones and iPads are powerful computers - and need to be protected.

Mobile security expert Graham Lee offers some free security tips for iOS users.

Keep an eye on your iPhone

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Astute Sophos followers will remember that last year I hijacked the SophosLabs blog to bring news of the Apple WWDC 2008. Well this year, sat in the Moscone West digesting the content of Phil Schiller's keynote presentation and updating my Read more…

Security = safety? Sounds risky!

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Earlier this week, Dennis Fisher wrote a column for ThreatPost declaring that Snow Leopard security is all relative, which Jon Gruber linked to with a discussion on Daring Fireball, called the difference between security and safety. I wanted to address Read more…

Will hackers make the iPhone an iPh0wn?

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Security researchers like to tell us that malware authors have largely ignored the Mac because there aren't enough users. I think there are two reasons that they say this: the first is that it's hard to disprove. The Mac user Read more…