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Gabor Szappanos is a Principal Malware researcher at SophosLabs. He started anti-virus work in 1995, and joined VirusBuster in 2001, and became the head of VirusBuster's virus lab in 2002. Since 2008 Gabor has been a member of the board of directors in AMTSO (Anti Malware Testing Standards Organizations).

From the Labs: PlugX - the next generation

X. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

In this new paper from SophosLabs, Principal Researcher Gabor Szappanos takes a look into a new variation of the PlugX malware.

Targeted malware attack piggybacks on Nvidia digital signature


Gabor Szappanos from SophosLabs takes a detailed examination of a targeted attack involving multiple stages and an innocent signed application - from the social engineering in the initial lure, to the technical capabilities of the malware it delivers.

Exploit kits, the biggest threat on the web, are being fed by whitehat security researchers

Who is feeding the Blackhole exploit kit?

When security researchers make available proof of concept code to demonstrate vulnerabilities, are they actually supporting the malicious exploit kit authors?

SophosLabs expert Gabor Szappanos shows that the creators of exploit kits aren't the ones discovering the zero day vulnerabilities.

Comparative anti-malware tests: the RIGHT way to do them


The latest anti-malware tests performed by Dennis Technology Labs show that comparative testing can actually be a strong indicator of how well today's security offerings can protect a user.