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John Bryan is proud to be one of the Sophos Labs back-room ‘geeks’ as a Senior Threat Researcher and the Technical Lead for DLP data production. John is also an accredited privacy specialist with the 'International Association of Privacy Professionals' (IAPP) and a co-chair of their London chapter. Before joining Sophos in 2008 he had been working in IT since the 80’s and has worked as a consultant to many of the big business names, typically reverse engineering and deployment roles.

Transatlantic cables will bypass USA to avoid NSA spying


EU says "A new fibre-optic submarine cable, connecting Latin America directly with Europe" will "enhance data protection". Is NSA evasion really the reason for new undersea cable projects wrapping around the globe?

Is data privacy an out of date concept?

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For some people, it seems as if they put their whole lives on display on social media. They are often, themselves, posting the very information that organisations go to great lengths to try to protect. So are we trying to protect privacy based on past social values? Are we old-fashioned in trying to keep a lid on the social media generation?

Is Snowden reshaping global privacy?


This week, the European Parliament met and discussed written testimony from US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The EU legislators also passed a new pan-European data privacy law backed by stiffer penalties...

This could save your LIFE!

This could save your LIFE!

The following internet advice, which may have a subject title such as above, could just get you killed. Like any other middle aged, balding, over-weight chap my mother still worries about me. So when her friend sent this to her Read more…

Is pornography only skin deep?

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Looking through news sites I encountered articles about a full-frontal pin-up calendar ("EIZO - Pin-up Calendar 2010") that shows a young lady more exposed than any I have seen before. Yet this calendar is reproduced on various respectable websites. It Read more…

Are you caring for your Mom and Dad at Xmas?

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For those of you that are having to put up with looking after your parents over Christmas: Would you much rather selfishly indulge yourselves with partying? A kindly spammer has a very seasonal Christmas Eve message offering to make this Read more…

The Greys & Politics

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No I don't mean government policy on little men in flying saucers, our Klingon subscribers might object to that. I refer to the occasions when deciding what is malicious can become uncertain and a potentially political question. Often we find Read more…

What April Fool?

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Context: I Spoke Too Soon! (But still nothing on Conficker)