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Lachlan Urquhart is a legal academic from Edinburgh, Scotland who has completed an LL.B at the University of Edinburgh and recently concluded a postgraduate LL.M in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law at the University of Strathclyde. For more articles from Lachlan, visit his blog.

What is the TPP, and why should you care?

What is the TPP and why should you care

Have you heard of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement? It contains a number of controversial provisions, some considered even worse than ACTA...

Do we need another word for cyber war?


We are getting more comfortable associating war terminology to cyber attacks. While it makes for engaging rhetoric, some people are starting to suggest that it is counterproductive.

Google to demote websites with pirated content

Google logo

Google has announced changes to its search algorithms, pushing down websites with several copyright take-down requests from the prime position in search results. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

Online Piracy: Challenging the 'three strikes' approach

Online Piracy: Challenging the 'three strikes' approach

The 'graduated response' or 'three strikes' legal approach to stopping copyright infringement has become popular in many countries around the world. However, with doubts raised this week about the longstanding French Hadopi system, are there lessons for the UK approach?

ACTA update: The fight goes on...


ACTA has received considerable criticism from a number of high-profile sources, but don't write it off just yet. there is still a chance it could become law.

New Bill in the UK wants internet to be censored from porn by default

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A new Bill wants to protect children by requiring all users to opt-in if they want to access porn. This would create a system of censorship by default. Is this necessary when parents already have access to porn-management tools?

A new cookie recipe: The International Chamber of Commerce UK Cookie Guide

Cookies image, credit: Shutterstock

As of next month, the ICO will be enforcing new(ish) rules on cookies and consent, but is the business world ready? And if not, will the International Chamber of Commerce's UK Cookie Guide provide the tools to help them comply?

Stopping the zombies: introducing the new FCC anti-botnet code


A new voluntary code of conduct for ISPs in the US creates new measures for addressing botnets. Does it go far enough?

Cyberwar: hype or reality?


Is "cyberwar" really upon us? Is a "digital Pearl Harbour" imminent? And is an international agreement on "cyberarms" a plausible solution?

Smartphone apps are sending your data to China

apps coming out of smartphone

A Sunday Times report found that many smartphone apps are collecting too much personal data and then sending it outside the EU to the US, Israel, China and India. But do these countries meet EU data protection standards?

New privacy guidelines for mobile app developers

smartphone apps

Host of the Mobile World Congress, the GSMA, have launched new guidelines for mobile app developers to increase transparency and trust between users and companies. Will it work?

Controversial ACTA is referred to the European Court of Justice

No to ACTA

The heated debate across Europe about ACTA has led the European Commission to refer the controversial agreement to the European Union's highest court.

IMP or CCDP? Who cares, it's still storing your data

Eye spy image, courtesy of Shutterstock

The Communications Capabilities Development Programme is the British government's attempt at rehashing the opposing Labour party's failed surveillance reforms.

The Interception Modernisation Programme was the subject of much criticism; does this new programme look any better?

Canadian politician accuses bill opposition of siding with child porn peddlars

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Canadian politician causes stir, saying anyone who objects to the "Protecting Children from Online Predators Act" sides with child pornographers. Do statements like this serve anything more than muddying the waters?

Who has better privacy laws: USA or European Union?

US&EU thumbprints

The need for a digital consumer bill of rights for data protection really depends on where you live. If you're in Europe, you are already pretty well protected, but it's a very different if you live in the US.

Should having autism be a legal defence to hacking charges?

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Gary McKinnon and Ryan Cleary have raised the profile of hackers with autism. With this week marking the 10th anniversary of Gary McKinnon's arrest, and with his fate still hanging in the balance, how likely is it that his condition will play a part in preventing his extradition?

What's all the fuss about ACTA?

ACTA protester

Widespread protests about ACTA have occurred in Europe. Why is there such anger, and what can be done about it?

US Police use games consoles in crime investigations

xbox console

Police in the US use XBox 360 and PS3s as key parts of investigations. With police now cooperating more closely with companies like Microsoft, is it time to ask for greater transparency about their relationships?

Canadian resident sentenced to death for writing a computer program

Saeed Malekpour with wife

A Canadian resident has been sentenced to death in Iran for offending the faith, after his computer program was used without his knowledge to upload pornography.

The extradition of TVShack's Richard O'Dywer: is it right?


With the another UK citizen facing extradition to the US, this time for copyright offences, should the UK really be doing more to rebalance the US-UK extradition process?