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I've been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995. I rose to the lofty heights of Executive Editor for eWEEK, popped out with the 2008 crash, joined the freelancer economy, and am still writing for my beloved peeps at places like Sophos's Naked Security, CIO Mag, ComputerWorld, PC Mag, IT Expert Voice, Software Quality Connection, Time, and the US and British editions of HP's Input/Output. I respond to cash and spicy sites, so don't be shy.

Apple excommunicates adblockers that could access users' private data


Apple's blocked apps that installed root certificates that could have allowed them to see all of a users' web traffic.

Lyft: It wasn't our CTO who cracked Uber's database

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Uber's sleuthing didn't reveal the hand of Lyft's CTO in the cookie jar, but an unidentified party at his IP address allegedly eyed the key.

Facebook's 'Dislike' button unveiled, and it's :-O !


Forget thumbs-down: rather, Facebook's rolled out a set of six 'Reactions' emojis lined up next to the Like button.

Are you (inadvertently) selling your personal data on eBay?


We might well think we're properly erasing data from gadgets before we sell them or dump them, but in fact we're leaving smears of personal data lingering that can lead to identity theft.

Threatening to post a sex tape on Facebook isn't a crime, US court rules


Threatening to post a sex tape on Facebook doesn't constitute criminality or a "true threat", the Supreme Court of Georgia ruled, given that the defendant didn't express an "intent to commit an act of unlawful violence."

Facebook relents: 'Something Long and Complicated' is NOT a fake name


Facebook's deeply flawed "authentic" names policy once again leads to an unjust account freeze.

Phone thieves facing stiffer sentences if victims lose photos


New guidelines from the UK's sentencing council say that the non-monetary impact on theft victims has to be taken into account.

Peeple goes into hiding to retool the app

Peeple goes into hiding to retool the app

The people-rating app, Peeple, isn't dead yet, but it sounds like it's getting worked over to be "ALL POSITIVITY!!!" after much negative backlash.

Facebook glitch leads to marriage


Opening his flip-phone, Schuler Benson found he was logged into a stranger's account. Fast forward 6 years and set that phone chime to wedding bells!

Virginia Tech ex-student pleads guilty to Yik Yak massacre threat

yik yak

Ki Ung "Eddie" Moon said the stress of final exams, smoking too much marijuana and hallucinations made him do it.

Cryptocurrency startup Gemcoin busted for alleged $32m Ponzi scheme


The US SEC broke up an alleged scheme that promised to mine amber and pay profits in cryptocurrency.

Prepare to be rated on a 5-star scale by 'Peeple', like it or not


Anybody can create a profile for you on the upcoming app, just like you're a restaurant, with no opt-out.

US state police cars hacked


Virginia State Police have been waging cyberwar against Impalas and Tauruses and have found that even non-networked cars are vulnerable.

Are your fingerprints, email and image worth a cute fake passport?


An art installation called Sensible Data adorably weasels your privacy out from under your nose.

Millennials: your password is not a selfie and we don't want to see it


OK, OK, it's not just the youngsters. Truth be told, we're ALL pulling sticky shenanigans when it comes to sharing passwords.

Google to give marketers the ability to target us via email address


Customer Match will enable advertisers to get to us via our email addresses, which can be matched to signed-in users of its search engine, Gmail or YouTube.

Windows 10 is NOT spying on you, Microsoft says

Spy. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

...but Windows will continue to collect your data, be it about system and application crashes or personalization data collected by Cortana.

No, you will NOT be charged £5.99 to keep your Facebook posts private!


Another day, another "post this message" hoax!

300 million non-suspects could be caught up in airline passenger info grab, warns privacy chief


European law makers want data on all airline travelers to be available to intelligence agencies - a move that breaches EU privacy laws, he said.

What your 99 cents gets you for buying an iOS adblocking app: adverts

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Crystal, the top adblocking utility on iOS, agreed to a deal to let whitelisted ads through - but at least it offers an opt-out.