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Numaan Huq has been working at SophosLabs Canada since 2007, and is currently a Senior Threat Researcher. Numaan became interested in IT security after spending a lot of time researching VoIP phone vulnerabilities in one of his internship jobs. Numaan's current interests include APTs, web threats and vulnerabilities. Beyond the realm of malware, Numaan likes to drive around aimlessly in the countryside, experiment with cooking, and read fantasy novels. Numaan holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, BC.

A look at Point of Sale RAM scraper malware and how it works

Malware that attacks point-of-sale systems - how it works

A special kind of malware has been hitting the headlines recently - that which attacks the RAM of Point of Sale (PoS) systems.. In this article, Numaan Huq from SophosLabs takes a step back from the technical details and looks at the evolution of these PoS RAM scrapers.

Point-of-Sale malware attacks – crooks expand their reach, no business too small


SophosLabs has been tracking a set of incidents involving Point-of-Sale malware.

The crooks have added a few tricks over the last 15 months.

Find out what's new, and why no business can "fly under the radar" of cybercrime...