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Federal agents charged over alleged Silk Road Bitcoin theft


Two federal agents have been charged with stealing digital currency during the FBI's take-down of the Silk Road marketplace.

G20 delegates' personal data breached in autofill email glitch

G20 delegates' personal data breached in autofill email glitch

The Australian immigration department sent an email to the wrong person, and so passport and visa details for the world's head honchos got disclosed - a mistake the department decided didn't warrant disclosure.

Man escapes from jail after sending fake bail email

Inmate escapes from jail after sending fake bail email

An imprisoned fraudster cooked up a bogus set of bail instructions and emailed it to prison officials who then let him walk out. He granted himself a 3-day furlough, then turned himself back in.

World Backup Day - is your data safe enough?

World Backup Day - is your data safe enough?

Ransomware has made us all aware of the value of backups - but there are many other reasons to have a copy of your vital data in reserve!

DARPA's plan to make software security "the domain of machines"

Our Robot Overlords

Bugs like Heartbleed and Shellshock can sit unobserved in critically important software for years. The answer, according to DARPA, is intelligent software that fixes buggy programs while we sleep.

Is it time to welcome our new robot guardians?

NSA faces security scare, this time physical: 1 killed, 2 injured in HQ incident

Security breaches at the US National Security Agency typically get a lot of publicity.

This one is no exception, but it's not a network intrusion or a data leak...

Slack gets hacked - rolls out two-factor authentication after user database breach

Slack is the latest start-up to make a big media splash in one of the worst possible ways - by acknowledging a data breach that exposed its users to malicious hackers.

Stolen Uber login credentials for sale on the dark web

Uber. Image courtesy of MAHATHIR MOHD YASIN/Shutterstock.

At least two sellers on the dark net appear to be selling Uber customer logins for as little as $1, with one offering a discount for bulk purchases.

Hotel Wi-Fi router security hole: will this be the Ultimate Pwnie Award Winning Bug for 2015?

If you were a cracker, and you could write your own specifications for a remote unauthenticated read/write hole...

...this is probably what you'd ask for.

Safari users win right to sue Google over secret cookies

UK Safari users win right to sue Google over secretly leaving cookies

The landmark case could determine if Google can be held accountable in the UK. Safari users have formed a group to seek damages.

"Probably tired and shagged out after a long squawk" - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Our weekly witty-but-serious video - news you can use, and it only takes a minute.


Leave Facebook if you value your privacy, says EU

EU says leave Facebook if you value your privacy

A lawyer for the European Commission told an EU judge he should leave Facebook if he wants to stop the US snooping on him.

PayPal in trouble over Weapons of Mass Destruction (sort of)


PayPal just agreed to pay up $7.6M to the US Treasury for allegedly failing to block transactions that fell foul of sanctions laws.

How secure is your Wi-Fi? 3 things small businesses need to know


Getting Wi-Fi security right is essential for everyone, but small businesses especially could use some good security advice. Here are 3 key things small businesses should know about securing Wi-Fi.

Hijacked school Twitter account turns head teacher into a porn star

Naked Security:

Nothing like a bit of Photoshopping and access to the school's Twitter account to turn an unwitting head teacher into a beefcake.

Tinder hack tricks men into unknowingly flirting with each other

Tinder hack tricks men into unknowingly flirting with each other

In yet another example of how very hackable Tinder is, an engineer set up bait female profiles and then hooked up the guys who "liked" them.

"Look at me" - forget fingerprints, here comes a Samsung tablet with iris recognition

US research institute SRI has inked a deal with Samsung to build a tablet with built-in iris recognition.

Samsung's S5 fingerprint reader was cracked PDQ...wonder how long your eye-prints will hold up?

RadioShack to auction off customer data, violating own privacy policy

RadioShack prepares to sell customer data in violation of its own privacy policy

Despite it's privacy policy, bankrupt RadioShack is putting customer names, addresses, email addresses and other data up for auction.

Plenty Of Fish hooked by Canada's anti-spam laws, faces 48k penalty

Fish. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Canada's strict anti-spam laws have come down hard on another offender, with the operators of dating website Plenty Of Fish paying a $48,000 penalty for failing to provide proper unsubscribe options in emails sent to its users.

Uber goes Big Data, shares customers' data with a hotel chain


Uber has joined the rank of Big Data sellers, up there with Facebook, Google and Visa. The product: data about customers' movements, where they shop, where they work, where they go and much more.