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Are you (inadvertently) selling your personal data on eBay?


We might well think we're properly erasing data from gadgets before we sell them or dump them, but in fact we're leaving smears of personal data lingering that can lead to identity theft.

The malicious side of online ads - how unpatched servers hurt us all

SophosLabs looked behind a malvertising campaign from September 2015, and found servers that hadn't been patched for two years or more.

Jury finds journalist guilty of aiding Anonymous in media hacking case


Matthew Keys was convicted after an eight-day trial in which the jury heard about how Keys used an internet chat relay forum to recruit hackers into his scheme.

Threatening to post a sex tape on Facebook isn't a crime, US court rules


Threatening to post a sex tape on Facebook doesn't constitute criminality or a "true threat", the Supreme Court of Georgia ruled, given that the defendant didn't express an "intent to commit an act of unlawful violence."

Will the Clean Software Alliance save us from the scourge of unwanted software?


Unwanted software has been an irritant to both computer users and security providers for many years now. The Clean Software Alliance is trying to fix that.

Facebook relents: 'Something Long and Complicated' is NOT a fake name


Facebook's deeply flawed "authentic" names policy once again leads to an unjust account freeze.

Your identity is secured by TWO Caesar ciphers! [Chet Chat Podcast 217]


Listen to the latest episode of our computer security podcast - from cyberd├ętente to cyberknitting...

Google: 30% of wireless calls to 911 emergency services are butt dials


Butt dials can be awkward, but there are serious consequences too. As researchers from Google found recently, up to 30% of wireless calls to 911 in San Francisco are accidental butt dial calls.

Phone thieves facing stiffer sentences if victims lose photos


New guidelines from the UK's sentencing council say that the non-monetary impact on theft victims has to be taken into account.

Google issues Android patches for Stagefright 2 (for some users)


First there was Stagefright, then more Android bugs of the same sort...

...giving us Stagefright 2 and another round of patches.

Reddit launches Upvoted - a site where you can't upvote or comment on stories

Reddit launches Upvoted - a site where you can't upvote or comment on stories

What people see on Reddit is driven by users. So is it odd that Upvoted doesn't allow users to comment on stories or vote them up or down?

Peeple goes into hiding to retool the app

Peeple goes into hiding to retool the app

The people-rating app, Peeple, isn't dead yet, but it sounds like it's getting worked over to be "ALL POSITIVITY!!!" after much negative backlash.

Safe Harbor agreement ruled invalid by top EU court


The European Union's highest court has ruled against the Safe Harbor agreement, saying it cannot be relied upon to adequately protect European citizens' data from US surveillance.

Facebook glitch leads to marriage


Opening his flip-phone, Schuler Benson found he was logged into a stranger's account. Fast forward 6 years and set that phone chime to wedding bells!

Virginia Tech ex-student pleads guilty to Yik Yak massacre threat

yik yak

Ki Ung "Eddie" Moon said the stress of final exams, smoking too much marijuana and hallucinations made him do it.

Going to IP EXPO this week? Want a free T-shirt?


Going to IP Expo this week at ExCel in London? Stop by our stand, say the phrase that pays and we'll give you a free T-shirt. But hurry, they won't last long!

LinkedIn set to pay $13 million compensation over its email persistence


LinkedIn says it did nothing wrong but admits it could have been clearer about sending reminder emails to prospective connections.

South Korea: Medical data delivers yet another identity crisis

Remember how we TOLD you not to knit your own cryptography?

Well, we're telling you again!

Cryptocurrency startup Gemcoin busted for alleged $32m Ponzi scheme


The US SEC broke up an alleged scheme that promised to mine amber and pay profits in cryptocurrency.

15M users breached? Nah, just an "isolated incident." 60 Second Security

Watch this week's 60 Second Security video and catch up on the latest intriguing security stories...