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High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

He might face state and federal charges. The attack crippled more than 50 schools, forcing some students to retake tests multiple times, among other miseries.

IC3 urges social media users to beware: scams and fraud are surging

Scams and fraud are surging on social media, says IC3 annual report

12% of the 269,422 complaints received in 2014 had a social media aspect, be it doxing, clickjacking or pharming. Here's how to stay safe.

Scotland Yard was worried The X-Files and Star Trek could inspire anarchy in the UK


Special agents working at Scotland Yard were worried in the late '90s that cult religious groups inspired by TV series like Star Trek and The X-Files might commit widespread acts of violence ahead of the new millennium.

SSCC 199 - Don't panic, it's not really as VENOMous as you thought [PODCAST]

Our latest weekly security podcast - the VENOM bug, iris recognition, a spyware company breach, and ID trouble at the Passport Agency.

Happy listening!

Apple, Google and others urge Obama to say no to backdoors

Tech firms and cryptographers lobby the Obama administration, urging resistance to the implementation of backdoors in popular software.

South Korea mandates spyware on teens' phones

South Korea mandates spyware on teens' phones

Parents can't opt out, regardless of any privacy concerns. Let's hope they don't get hit by an mSpy-esque data breach.

Hello, Barack! Let's keep that @POTUS account secure!

Hello, Barack! Let's keep that @POTUS account secure!

Let's make sure that highly valuable account stays all you, all the time, without anyone else getting their mitts on it - at least, until somebody else becomes POTUS!

Street performer "Baton Bob" offered $20K settlement over pro-police Facebook post

"Baton Bob" offered $20K settlement over pro-police Facebook post

Baton Bob alleged that police forced him to hand over his login before they posted a positive Facebook post about how they treated him during an arrest.

United Airlines: Hack our site for free miles (just don't mess with onboard systems)


United Airlines is offering up to 1 million free air miles in a new bug bounty program that rewards hackers who discover security flaws in the airline's websites, apps and databases.

The phone that keeps an eye on your eyes - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

The latest episode of our weekly "security news in one minute" video.


Ransomware attack led animal porn collector to confess to police


A UK man has been given a non-custodial sentence this week, after a ransomware infection on his computer led him to report himself to police. The man's computer held several hundred animal porn images, described in court as "extreme" and "revolting".

How one US scientist ended up accused of spying for China


A US scientist working for the National Weather Service was suspected of spying for China, and got swept up in a dragnet amid growing concerns in the US about cyberespionage.

Three women indicted for allegedly stealing identities from people's passports

Three women indicted for allegedly stealing identities from people's passports

The three allegedly cooked up counterfeit documents and got others to borrow money to buy iPhones, iPads and other gadgets.

"Nothing illegal going on here!" says US Army veteran behind Hacker's List

Hacker's List

A US Army veteran and self-described ethical hacker is linked to hire-a-hacker service, Hacker's List, which provides a web platform where hackers can bid on borderline or even illegal jobs.

Warrantless laptop seizure at US borders shouldn't be rubber-stamped, rules judge

Image of airport bags courtesy of Shutterstock

In a rare blow to the border exception rule, the judge disagreed that laptops and phones are just "containers" that can be searched like luggage.

Kids' apps and websites set for scrutiny by ICO and other privacy watchdogs


The ICO and other global watchdogs are to examine kids' apps and websites to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Pizza Hut steganography - hostage embeds hidden message in pizza order


How do you call 911 while doing nothing more suspicious than placing your regular pizza order?

Woman sues employer for firing her after she disabled 24x7 monitoring app

Woman using phone. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Having her location monitored was OK while she was clocked in, she said. But she uninstalled it when she found it was spying even when she had quit the app.

Fuskers busted for allegedly stealing photos from Photobucket

Two busted, charged with selling Photofucket photo-stealing services

Two US men allegedly sold an application called "Photofucket" to clients who wanted to plunder Photobucket users' private content.

Russia and China sign cyber security pact, vow not to hack each other

Russia and China promise not to hack each other

Moscow and Beijing will share manpower, technical resources and information to thwart online attacks.