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Kim Dotcom of Megaupload will finally face the music over extradition

The big fella from New Zealand has failed to delay his extradition hearing for the umpteenth time.

He'll face the music next week...

Google found guilty of violating antitrust laws


Yandex - the "Google of Russia" - has prevailed in getting the country's antimonopoly watchdog agency to rule that Google has abused its dominant position in the market with Android.

Anti-refugee posts prompt Facebook to launch hate speech taskforce


Hate speech is illegal in Germany, which has criticized Facebook for sluggish takedowns of anti-refugee posts vs. fast takedowns of nudity.

Drones buzz around LAPD chopper, crash into US Open and football stadiums


Police arrested operators who allegedly threatened lives by crashing UAVs into stadiums or flying within sneezing distance of a helicopter.

Public library shelves plans to become part of Tor

Chopped onion. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Within a few weeks of setting up as a relay, DHS let it be known that the library's plans to eventually become a Tor exit node might not be a wise course of action.

Founder of collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox arrested, charged again

Mt. Gox infamously imploded with hundreds of thousands of bitcoins "missing."

Finding out what happened is an ongoing exercise...

California governor shoots down 350-foot no-fly drone law


He vetoed the bill because, he says, litigation would rain down on hobbyists and FAA-authorized operators. "Let’s look at this more carefully," he said.

US agency in charge of power grid and nukes keeps getting breached


US Department of Energy was hacked 159 times over a four-year period, putting the security of the power grid and nuclear arsenal at risk.

Bedroom pirate gets 4 years for running a £300K streaming site


A Northern Ireland man ran a series of very lucrative streaming sites, including and FastPassTV, that made gobs of ad revenue.

US cop goes wardriving to sniff out stolen gadgets by MAC address


He rigged up a thumb drive sized-antenna that plugs into a squad car laptop’s USB port to sniff out known stolen devices.

Apple iMessage's end-to-end encryption stymies US data request


Apple recently told a US court that it couldn't turn over to law enforcement messages that were sent between iPhones via Apple's iMessage system, which uses end-to-end encryption. And the crypto-wars rage on.

Microsoft due in court over warrant for emails stored in Irish data centre


Microsoft and the Obama administration will appear in a federal appeals court today to decide whether or not companies with a presence in the US must hand over foreign-held data when presented with a valid search warrant.

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Drunken attack on emotion-reading robot leaves it a little brain-dead

Pepper. Image courtesy of Aldebaran on Facebook

Companies reading our facial expressions and analysing our voices and body language may feel a bit creepy, but what a cute little face!

Has Twitter traced escaped Mexican drug baron 'El Chapo' to Costa Rica?

Phone with location. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Is Joaquín Guzmán, aka 'El Chapo', really in Costa Rica? His son's Twitter seems to say so, but should we take that at face value?

Gozi banking Trojan co-author pleads guilty


Latvian Deniss Calovskis may face as little as 2 years in jail for his role in developing the Gozi banking Trojan that infected over a million computers around the world.

Sexting teen accused of sexually exploiting himself


He's 17, so he's being tried as an adult for having a sext of his girlfriend (willingly given). And for "exploiting" himself by taking selfie sexts when he was a minor a year ago.

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Armed police

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