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"Creep" shamed on Facebook was actually man taking selfie with Darth Vader

Mum Facebook-shames guy taking selfie with Darth Vader

She mistakenly thought he was a "creep" snapping photos of her kids. By the time the post was shared 20K times, he'd received death threats and is now considering legal options.

Surely not the "Virus DESTROYS Computer" story again? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Our weekly fun-but-serious one-minute security video.

Malware hype, FTC action and some ancient history (well, the LOVE BUG)... enjoy.

The USBKILL anti-forensics tool - it doesn't do *quite* what it says on the tin

A hacker who very modestly goes by the handle Hephaest0s has just announced an "anti-forensic kill switch" dubbed, well, usbkill.

It doesn't do quite what the name might suggest, and it could cut either way, so use it with care!

Searchable database of members of intelligence community posted online

Database taps LinkedIn, serves up profiles of 27,000 SIGINT workers

Transparency Toolkit's ICWatch uses Google search and search terms associated with surveillance activities and tools to put a human face on the surveillance state.

Insulting cops online now illegal in Canadian town

Image of Canadian policeman courtesy of Shutterstock

One Facebook voice cries out in a resounding act of insulting civil disobedience: "Suck it up, buttercup!"

Police can access phone location data without a warrant, US court rules

Phone. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

The decision leaves the country stuck with a mishmash of laws and privacy advocates who hope that the Supreme Court takes on the issue.

Grooveshark is back already. Or is it?


A new version of Grooveshark has appeared online days after the original folded due to the threat of legal action and a huge damages claim.

Geolocation traces stolen watch right to suspect's left wrist

We often warn you to be careful about leaving geolocation features enabled on your mobile devices. Fortunately, this woman didn't listen!

Accused game hacker flees to Europe, says he can't afford defence

Accused game hacker flees to Europe, says he can't afford defence

The Australian, who's fled to Europe, was 17 when he allegedly took part in the heist of unreleased gaming and Apache helicopter training software.

Police arrest Virginia Tech student over Yik Yak threat

Virginia Tech

It's an anonymous messaging app that's not all that anonymous. That's a good thing in this case, given that the Yak alluded to the anniversary of a mass murder.

Memories of the LOVE BUG - 15 years ago today


It said "ILOVEYOU", and it promised a harmless-looking text file. But it actually contained an email virus that got just about everywhere.

Could something like this ever happen again?

Monday review - the hot 26 stories of the week

Catch up with the latest computer security news - it's weekly roundup time.

The worst spam senders in the whole wide world? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

From carder busts to App Store bans - the computer security week in one swift video minute!


Woman arrested after hijacking PCs, showing hardcore porn to victims

Rat. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Some of the victims were kids. She allegedly posted videos showing her startled victims as she talked to them over their speakers.

FBI arrests JP Morgan Chase former employee for selling account data

FBI. Image courtesy of Mark Van Scyoc / Shutterstock

The arrest came after a sting operation which resulted in bank account data including PINs being sold to informants and federal agents.

SSCC 196 - From Wi-Fi bugs to carder busts [PODCAST]

From bugs to busts, here's the latest episode of our weekly security news podcast - for your listening pleasure.

Hollywood gets Piracy app Popcorn Time blocked in the UK

Piracy app Popcorn Time blocked in the UK

The UK High Court has ordered internet service providers (ISPs) to block Popcorn Time, a piracy app that's as easy to use as Netflix.

Judge chided for Facebook posts that triggered mistrial in "boy in the box" case


A Texas judge has been chewed out for making Facebook posts about a case that resulted in a mistrial, and has been ordered to get trained on "proper and ethical use of social media" by judges.

FBI: Hacktivists targeting US law enforcement as anti-police sentiment grows

hooded man_SS_170

As Baltimore exploded in violent anti-police riots on Monday, the FBI was warning police officers and public officials across the US to be aware of targeted cyberattacks from hacktivists.