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Man arrested for shooting down drone over his property

Man arrested for shooting down drone over his property

The drone slayer's privacy fence didn't keep a drone from flying over his property. What did: his shotgun and some birdshot.

Women posed as fake brides to scam ISIS out of $3000

Women posed as fake brides to scam ISIS out of $3000

Even if you pull one over on the world's most fearsome terrorist army, it's still illegal.

Mt. Gox founder Mark Karpeles arrested - but not over missing Bitcoinage

Mt. Gox founder Mark Karpeles has always denied any wrongdoing in the implosion of his Bitcoin exchange.

But he's just been arrested anyway, apparently for overstating his financial situation by US$1,000,000 almost a year before the bankruptcy..

Google defies French global 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Google defies French 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Google is set to defy a French data authority ruling on the global removal of right to be forgotten links.

How one school district is monitoring social media of students and teachers

Florida school district monitoring social media of students and teachers

They're trying to keep kids safe, but nobody's talking about who can access the data or what standards are used to capture it.

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Facebook ordered to allow pseudonyms by privacy watchdog

Facebook. Image courtesy of 360b / Shutterstock.

Good news for every Little Miss Hot Mess and Jemmaroid von Laalaa out there: a German privacy watchdog has ordered Facebook to allow users to take out accounts under pseudonyms.

Children should have the right to be forgotten, says iRights campaign

Child. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

A new children's privacy rights campaign has attracted backing from ministers, business leaders and academics.

50 Cent to pay $7 million for publishing woman's sex tape

50 Cent to pay $7 million for publishing woman's sex tape

That works out to bit more than $1 per viewing by the millions who'd seen the involuntary porn as of January 2014.

Dark web drug dealer pleads guilty, gets 2 years to ponder "anonymity"

He was an online dealer who made use of the so-called Dark Web, shielded by the apparent anonymity of Tor, or The Onion Router.

He's not anonymous any more.

Police say sorry after Facebook tit-for-tat with "keyboard warrior"

Police apologise after being bratty in Facebook tit-for-tat

How should you respond when you're representing an organisation on social media?

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Execs face the chop after being hit by data breach

Vacant chair. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

With the often perceived need to hold someone to account for a data breach, the axe falls to the heads of senior executives.

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Hot Lotto security chief found guilty of scamming his own lottery for $14.3m

Hot Lotto security chief found guilty of $14.3m lottery scam

Eddie Tipton was found guilty on two charges of fraud after rootkitting his way to a massive Hot Lotto win.

Dreams of legally slapping drones out of the sky may come true

Drone. Image courtesy of stevemart / Shutterstock.

California may 1) exonerate emergency responders for kicking the little, metallic shins of drones that get in the way and 2) jail and/or fine the operators.

Man becomes first to be convicted under UK's new revenge porn law


The 21-year-old threatened to post sexually explicit images of a 20-year-old woman, then sent the photos to the woman's family and shared them on Facebook.

LifeLock's woes continue as FTC claims violation of 2010 settlement


LifeLock hasn't abided by the 2010 settlement requiring the company to stop making misleading claims that "guaranteed" customers would be protected against identity theft, according to the FTC.

Facebook can't say 'No' to New York, says New York

Facebook can't "plead the Fourth Amendment" on your behalf, says a New York appeals court - you have to do it yourself.