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Zero-day in Windows 8.1 disclosed by Google


A new zero day vulnerability has been disclosed in Microsoft Windows 8.1. Who is behind releasing the attack code behind this flaw? Google.

Android Lollipop 5.0.2 is out, but some Nexus users are still stuck on KitKat

Android Lollipop 5.0.2 is out - but don't get too excited.

So far, firmware images are available for just one model in Google's Nexus family.

From Facebook, through iPhones and Androids, to Macs - make the safest start to 2015!

Are you looking to turn over a new security leaf yourself in 2015, or trying to convince your friends and family to do so?

Here are some great places to start...

Monday review - the hot 25 stories of the week


From Sony through Pirate Bay to the latest evolution of banking malware...

Here's our weekly roundup so you can catch up easily.

SSCC 177 - Will Sony's breach be the never ending story? [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of our regular security podcast.


Google and Facebook under fire from Dutch government over citizens' privacy

Dutch government threatens Google with €15m fine over personal data collection

Google's been told to change how it handles personal data on Dutch citizens or face a €15m fine. Facebook's policies are also under scrutiny.

Schmidt: Want to keep your sensitive data away from the NSA? Use Google

Schmidt: Google's your best bet to evade the NSA

NSA spying revelations shocked Google, so it encrypted the beejezus out of everything. We'll all be dead by the time it's cracked, Schmidt said.

How have attitudes to privacy changed post-Snowden?

Survey: post-Snowden, 39% take steps to protect privacy

A recent survey reports 43% of users avoid certain websites and applications and 39% change their passwords regularly since the Snowden revelations. Is that number low, or is it an encouraging sign of growing sensitivity to privacy issues?

"Like fish and chips without the fish. Or the chips"... 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's the latest episode of our 60 Second Security video.

Enjoy the week's news in just one minute...

GCHQ and police team up to hunt down child abusers on the darknet

GCHQ and police teaming up to hunt down child abusers on the darknet

A major crackdown on child-abuse imagery includes a new law making it illegal for an adult to send a sexual communication to a child.

Android Lollipop 5.0.1 is out - for the select few with Lollipop, at least

Google just released Android Lollipop 5.0.1 - but some of its own devices haven't even got 5.0 yet.

No wonder third-party Android vendors so often lag behind...

I am not a robot: Google swaps text CAPTCHAs for quivery mouse clicks

I am not a robot: Google swaps text CAPTCHAs for quivery mouse clicks

Forget mangled text: given AI advances, it's kaput. Google's new approach: analyze cookies, mouse movements and IP addresses, in one click.

SSCC 175 - "My, what an ENORMOUS malware infection you have!" [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly security podcast.

For your listening pleasure - the news you can use!

Google reaches settlement with troll victim

Troll. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Three years after first discovering some 3,600 abusive, defamatory postings online, a UK businessman has settled with Google to get search results taken down.

Google Contributor: would you pay to remove ads on websites? [POLL]

Contributor by Google: would you pay to remove ads on websites? [POLL]

Google has invited web users to pay a monthly fee instead of continuing to see Google-served adverts on their favourite websites.

Google fined for not taking down "right to be forgotten" links worldwide

Google. Image courtesy of l i g h t p o e t /

The "right to be forgotten" case is the first in Europe to take the power to compel link takedown outside a country's border and into the search results Google delivers worldwide.

Old-time phishing scams are working just fine, Google finds

Old-time phishing scams are working just fine, Google finds

A new Google study has found that the true masterpieces of phishing are successful 45% of the time. It's just another example of how phishers may be old dogs, but they can sure learn new tricks.

Don't wear your Google Glass or other wearables when watching a movie

Google Glass banned in US movie theaters

Two trade groups have officially adopted a zero-tolerance policy against all wearable recording devices being on during showtime.

CurrentC gets user email addresses pickpocketed

CurrentC gets user email addresses pickpocketed

CurrentC is a competitor to Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Should we worry about it getting its fingers into our bank accounts, given the recent data breach?

3 ways to make your Gmail account safer

Secure your Gmail account in 3 easy steps

Following on from our detailed guide to securing your webmail, here's a quick breakdown of how to make the most important fixes, for users of Google's Gmail.