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Yup, we really are terrible at those password recovery questions


When we forget our passwords we’re often faced with recovery questions like "What's your favourite food?” They’re a backdoor into our accounts so they’re supposed to be both secure and memorable. They’re not.

Adult FriendFinder hacked, users' intimate details exposed on Dark Web


Adult FriendFinder, a website billed as a way for people to "find friends, sex, flings and hookups," has had a serious data breach. Now millions of people who thought they were using a discrete service to find casual sex have had their private information exposed online.

IC3 urges social media users to beware: scams and fraud are surging

Scams and fraud are surging on social media, says IC3 annual report

12% of the 269,422 complaints received in 2014 had a social media aspect, be it doxing, clickjacking or pharming. Here's how to stay safe.

Practical IT: What is encryption and how can I use it to protect my corporate data?


Businesses often don't realise why encryption is important, and how they can use it to protect their data. The latest in our Practical IT series tells you what encryption is and how you can use it in your business.

SSCC 199 - Don't panic, it's not really as VENOMous as you thought [PODCAST]

Our latest weekly security podcast - the VENOM bug, iris recognition, a spyware company breach, and ID trouble at the Passport Agency.

Happy listening!

Apple, Google and others urge Obama to say no to backdoors

Tech firms and cryptographers lobby the Obama administration, urging resistance to the implementation of backdoors in popular software.

South Korea mandates spyware on teens' phones

South Korea mandates spyware on teens' phones

Parents can't opt out, regardless of any privacy concerns. Let's hope they don't get hit by an mSpy-esque data breach. is accused of being a walled garden for the world's poorest people

A collection of 65 advocacy organisations from around the world have published an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg about, calling it a walled garden for the world's poorest people.

Mobile spyware customer data leaked online in apparent mSpy hack

Mobile spyware customer data leaked online in apparent mSpy hack

The biggest victims of the mSpy 'hack' are likely to be those who were unaware their sensitive data was being logged in the first place.

Three women indicted for allegedly stealing identities from people's passports

Three women indicted for allegedly stealing identities from people's passports

The three allegedly cooked up counterfeit documents and got others to borrow money to buy iPhones, iPads and other gadgets.

Warrantless laptop seizure at US borders shouldn't be rubber-stamped, rules judge

Image of airport bags courtesy of Shutterstock

In a rare blow to the border exception rule, the judge disagreed that laptops and phones are just "containers" that can be searched like luggage.

Kids' apps and websites set for scrutiny by ICO and other privacy watchdogs


The ICO and other global watchdogs are to examine kids' apps and websites to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Woman sues employer for firing her after she disabled 24x7 monitoring app

Woman using phone. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Having her location monitored was OK while she was clocked in, she said. But she uninstalled it when she found it was spying even when she had quit the app.

"Creep" shamed on Facebook was actually man taking selfie with Darth Vader

Mum Facebook-shames guy taking selfie with Darth Vader

She mistakenly thought he was a "creep" snapping photos of her kids. By the time the post was shared 20K times, he'd received death threats and is now considering legal options.

The USBKILL anti-forensics tool - it doesn't do *quite* what it says on the tin

A hacker who very modestly goes by the handle Hephaest0s has just announced an "anti-forensic kill switch" dubbed, well, usbkill.

It doesn't do quite what the name might suggest, and it could cut either way, so use it with care!

Police can access phone location data without a warrant, US court rules

Phone. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

The decision leaves the country stuck with a mishmash of laws and privacy advocates who hope that the Supreme Court takes on the issue.

Facebook opens up but there's no support for HTTPS

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has opened the internet up to users in India and other countries but says it won't immediately allow HTTPS.

Woman arrested after hijacking PCs, showing hardcore porn to victims

Rat. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Some of the victims were kids. She allegedly posted videos showing her startled victims as she talked to them over their speakers.

Anonymous sharing app Secret shuts down

Anonymous sharing app Secret shuts down

Secret was supposed to be different from its anonymous sharing kin, Yik Yak and Whisper. What went so wrong, so fast?