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Snowden joins Twitter, follows the agency that follows everyone else


Edward Snowden signs up for Twitter, promises cat pics and asks about border control on Mars.

Selfies, sharks...and yet another lock screen bug [Chet Chat Podcast 216]

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Enjoy the latest episode of our weekly podcast!

Your personal cloud of microbes could one day be used to profile you


Every time we sneeze, cough, scratch, fart, or touch something, we leave behind traces of ourselves. Could this microbial evidence one day be used to identify and surveil us?

Windows 10 is NOT spying on you, Microsoft says

Spy. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

...but Windows will continue to collect your data, be it about system and application crashes or personalization data collected by Cortana.

Take a selfie, post it up/The next five years you' in prison?

The Fifth Amendment says you don't have to incriminate yourself.

But it's your choice...

No, you will NOT be charged £5.99 to keep your Facebook posts private!


Another day, another "post this message" hoax!

300 million non-suspects could be caught up in airline passenger info grab, warns privacy chief


European law makers want data on all airline travelers to be available to intelligence agencies - a move that breaches EU privacy laws, he said.

Firefox 42 beta launches with Tracking Protection in Private Browsing


Hot on the heels of Firefox 41, Mozilla has released version 42 of its browser in beta, offering a slew of new features including Tracking Protection in Private Browsing.

Not Apple's best week ever! 60 Second Security

Watch the latest episode of our weekly 1-minute security news video...

Find out why this wasn't such a great week for Apple.

Malware in the App Store? You CANNOT be SERIOUS! [Chet Chat Podcast 215]

Take a listen to the latest Chet Chat podcast, our fun-but-informative weekly commentary on the latest computer security issues.

Smartphone passcodes are protected by the Fifth Amendment, says US court

Passcode. Image courtesy of ymgerman / Shutterstock.

Cops can still force suspects to unlock phones with a fingerprint but passcodes are off the agenda... for now.

Change this setting to stop Siri spilling your selfies!


A Siri-ous bug affecting iOS 9 could let a crook skip your passcode, and get at your photos...

...and access your contacts, and send bogus messages in your name.

Here's how to fix it.

Google's 'right to be forgotten' appeal - France says 'non!'


Google and other search engines could potentially face fines of up to 5% of their global operating costs if they do not comply.

Facebook: our cookies keep you safe from cyber terrorists!


Belgian data protection authority: You're as bad as the NSA!!!

US senator blocks proposed surveillance law opposed by Facebook and Google


Lobbying pressure from internet companies and civil liberties groups - and the resistance of one US senator - forced the Senate Intelligence Committee to withdraw legislation requiring social media companies to report "terrorist activity" to the government.

Facebook lets you opt-out of targeted ads but it will still collect your data


Most websites rely upon advertising revenue to survive and Facebook is no exception. Now it wants to boost that income by delivering ads based upon information obtained from what you've liked and shared on external sites.

Guess what? Facebook "Dislike" scams are back...

Facebook mentions "Dislike"...and back come the Dislike scams!

Don't get caught, and don't let your friends fall for it, either.

After iOS 9 launches, Ad blockers top the App Store chart


Users lost no time in blockading their iPhones against adverts after Apple gave them the chance in the launch of iOS 9.

Sexting teens banned from using their phones for a year


The two teens accused of sexually exploiting themselves have copped pleas and agreed not to own one of the devil's gadgets that got them into trouble.

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