Security threats

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Nuisance calls and dubious subscriptions pose fraud risk to UK consumers


Bogus offers to block nuisance calls and mail scams separate Brits from millions of pounds per year.

Help wanted: someone to hack cars for Canada defense research arm


If you're a hacker highly skilled at finding exploits in connected cars, here's a job for you - hacking cars for the Canadian military.

Apple excommunicates adblockers that could access users' private data


Apple's blocked apps that installed root certificates that could have allowed them to see all of a users' web traffic.

Lyft: It wasn't our CTO who cracked Uber's database

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Uber's sleuthing didn't reveal the hand of Lyft's CTO in the cookie jar, but an unidentified party at his IP address allegedly eyed the key.

"I will not knit my own cryptography!" 60 Second Security

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Blackshades webcam voyeur spared jail over stolen webcam images


A hacker who used the BlackShades malware to spy on unsuspecting victims has been given a suspended jail term and ordered to do community service.

Don't fall for phishing and spear-phishing - stay #CyberAware!


If a phisher, or spear-phisher, gets in your face, then YOU become the primary line of defence.

Here's how to fight the good fight...

What you sound like after a data breach


As data leaks and network breaches get larger, more common and more damaging, a humble sorry often seems to be the hardest word. So we've produced this handy guide for companies that have suffered a data breach but didn't lead with "sorry".

Practical IT: How to create a culture of cybersecurity at work

Hands. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

A "security culture" is one of those intangible things that can deliver an immeasurable benefit to your business. But how can you get those inside your business interested, involved and working with you, not against you?

Are you (inadvertently) selling your personal data on eBay?


We might well think we're properly erasing data from gadgets before we sell them or dump them, but in fact we're leaving smears of personal data lingering that can lead to identity theft.

The malicious side of online ads - how unpatched servers hurt us all

SophosLabs looked behind a malvertising campaign from September 2015, and found servers that hadn't been patched for two years or more.

Your identity is secured by TWO Caesar ciphers! [Chet Chat Podcast 217]


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Phone thieves facing stiffer sentences if victims lose photos


New guidelines from the UK's sentencing council say that the non-monetary impact on theft victims has to be taken into account.

Google issues Android patches for Stagefright 2 (for some users)


First there was Stagefright, then more Android bugs of the same sort... us Stagefright 2 and another round of patches.

LinkedIn set to pay $13 million compensation over its email persistence


LinkedIn says it did nothing wrong but admits it could have been clearer about sending reminder emails to prospective connections.

South Korea: Medical data delivers yet another identity crisis

Remember how we TOLD you not to knit your own cryptography?

Well, we're telling you again!

15M users breached? Nah, just an "isolated incident." 60 Second Security

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Live from the Virus Bulletin conference 2015 [Chet Chat Podcast 216.5]

Find out what the world's threat protection experts talk about when you cloister them in a Prague hotel for three days!

Patreon crowdfunding site hacked - all it takes is one mistake...

Debugging a test version of your website with real data?

Best to have it on a test network, not the real internet!

T-Mobile customers hit by Experian breach get credit monitoring by Experian

T-Mobile customers hit by Experian breach get credit monitoring by Experian

In a bizarre twist of irony, T-Mobile customers are being offered two years of free credit monitoring from - a service owned and operated by Experian.