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"Marauders Map" - Is your location being tracked through Facebook Messenger?

Marauders Map FB

A new Chrome extension, described by its own developer as 'creepy,' can track Facebook Messenger users and plot their location on a map.

17% of parents ignore privacy settings but still post hundreds of photos of kids online

Parents upload 973 photos of kids on social media before they hit 5

Parents upload an average of 973 photos of kids on social media before they hit 5 but 17% admit they don't check privacy settings, ever.

Adult FriendFinder hacked, users' intimate details exposed on Dark Web


Adult FriendFinder, a website billed as a way for people to "find friends, sex, flings and hookups," has had a serious data breach. Now millions of people who thought they were using a discrete service to find casual sex have had their private information exposed online.

IC3 urges social media users to beware: scams and fraud are surging

Scams and fraud are surging on social media, says IC3 annual report

12% of the 269,422 complaints received in 2014 had a social media aspect, be it doxing, clickjacking or pharming. Here's how to stay safe.

Hello, Barack! Let's keep that @POTUS account secure!

Hello, Barack! Let's keep that @POTUS account secure!

Let's make sure that highly valuable account stays all you, all the time, without anyone else getting their mitts on it - at least, until somebody else becomes POTUS! is accused of being a walled garden for the world's poorest people

A collection of 65 advocacy organisations from around the world have published an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg about, calling it a walled garden for the world's poorest people.

Street performer "Baton Bob" offered $20K settlement over pro-police Facebook post

"Baton Bob" offered $20K settlement over pro-police Facebook post

Baton Bob alleged that police forced him to hand over his login before they posted a positive Facebook post about how they treated him during an arrest.

Reddit to crack down on online harassment

Reddit to crack down on online bullying

Reddit has vowed to take a more active role in protecting its members from personal attacks and online harassment.

"Nothing illegal going on here!" says US Army veteran behind Hacker's List

Hacker's List

A US Army veteran and self-described ethical hacker is linked to hire-a-hacker service, Hacker's List, which provides a web platform where hackers can bid on borderline or even illegal jobs.

"Creep" shamed on Facebook was actually man taking selfie with Darth Vader

Mum Facebook-shames guy taking selfie with Darth Vader

She mistakenly thought he was a "creep" snapping photos of her kids. By the time the post was shared 20K times, he'd received death threats and is now considering legal options.

Searchable database of members of intelligence community posted online

Database taps LinkedIn, serves up profiles of 27,000 SIGINT workers

Transparency Toolkit's ICWatch uses Google search and search terms associated with surveillance activities and tools to put a human face on the surveillance state.

Insulting cops online now illegal in Canadian town

Image of Canadian policeman courtesy of Shutterstock

One Facebook voice cries out in a resounding act of insulting civil disobedience: "Suck it up, buttercup!"

Facebook opens up but there's no support for HTTPS

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has opened the internet up to users in India and other countries but says it won't immediately allow HTTPS.

Police arrest Virginia Tech student over Yik Yak threat

Virginia Tech

It's an anonymous messaging app that's not all that anonymous. That's a good thing in this case, given that the Yak alluded to the anniversary of a mass murder.

Monday review - the hot 26 stories of the week

Catch up with the latest computer security news - it's weekly roundup time.

Facebook says sorry after bug hid posts, blocked links and led to security warnings

Thumbs down. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Some Facebook users suspected censorship as a bug hid posts and blocked new links.

Anonymous sharing app Secret shuts down

Anonymous sharing app Secret shuts down

Secret was supposed to be different from its anonymous sharing kin, Yik Yak and Whisper. What went so wrong, so fast?

Judge chided for Facebook posts that triggered mistrial in "boy in the box" case


A Texas judge has been chewed out for making Facebook posts about a case that resulted in a mistrial, and has been ordered to get trained on "proper and ethical use of social media" by judges.

FBI: Hacktivists targeting US law enforcement as anti-police sentiment grows

hooded man_SS_170

As Baltimore exploded in violent anti-police riots on Monday, the FBI was warning police officers and public officials across the US to be aware of targeted cyberattacks from hacktivists.