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Facebook Messenger now lets users send money to friends

Facebook Messenger now lets US users send money to friends

Facebook has switched on person-to-person (P2P) payments for users in the US to instantly message money to friends.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense feature shares your Wi-Fi network with your friends

Wi-Fi. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Wi-Fi Sense, which is enabled by default, would like to share your Wi-Fi network with your, Skype and Facebook contacts.

TV's newest hacker drama "Mr. Robot" is technically sound, morally ambiguous


"Mr. Robot," USA Network's new hacker drama series, is good entertainment. But is it also a good depiction of hackers, hacking and infosec?

Cybersquatters giving some US presidential candidates a bad name

Cybersquatters giving some US presidential candidates a bad name

Cybersquatters have caused some embarrassment for several of the US presidential contenders. But abuse of domain names can be costly for businesses and dangerous for consumers.

Stop Abuse Online site launches to help tackle cyberbullying

Stop Abuse Online site launches to tackle LGBT cyberbullying

The new website, launched by the UK government provides advice and support for women and LGBT online abuse victims.

Court orders Facebook to identify revenge porn poster

Dutch court orders Facebook to ID revenge porn poster

The social network has been ordered by a Dutch court to either identify the uploader of a sex video or open its servers up to an independent investigator.

Facebook aiming for faceless facial recognition


Worried that Facebook can't get your friends right in your selfies when their hair blows around?

There might just be an app for that...

Katie Hopkins has her Twitter account hacked, bogus 'sex tape' tweets issued

Katie Hopkins' Twitter account hacked, bogus 'sex tape' tweets issued

The controversial Katie Hopkins had her Twitter account hacked by someone threatening to release a bogus sex tape.

SSCC 203 - What's the worst sort of service to have a password breach? [PODCAST]

Join Sophos security experts John Shier and Paul Ducklin as they dig into the latest security news in our regular "Chet Chat" podcast.

This week: LastPass, Facebook, Windows 10 (and not-quite-the-end of XP), Samsung, and the Android ecosystem.

Police break up romance scam gang that fleeced women of $1.5 million


York Regional Police in Canada this week announced the arrest of nine men who allegedly targeted women on dating websites, and conned seven victims out of a total of $1.5 million.

The romance scammer's outward demonstrations of love must conceal a dark heart ...

Facebook introduces "Moments" - supposedly a safer way to share photos

Unlike Facebook's "Photo Sync" feature, Moments is a separate photo app that doesn't upload anything until you tell it to.

Paul Ducklin wonders how much safer you'll be from over-sharing your pics...

Armed robber caught after confessing on Facebook, "ashamed" emoticon and all

Gary Pacitti_1200

Here's a candidate for the Facebook Hall of Stupid Posts fame: a robber who, though he took the time to wear a mask to cover his face, then posted a thinly veiled confession online.

Thinkuknow: What kids are up to online and how to protect them

Thinkuknow: What kids are up to online and how to protect them

How to teach 5-year-olds that people online aren't always who they say they are, that older kids don't have to suffer bullying in silence, and much more.

Thief who mugged Facebook PlayStation-seller busted thanks to location data


The victim had been trying to sell an old PlayStation 2 through Facebook, and was contacted by a potential purchaser who turned out to be the mugger.

We offer some advice on making offline transactions with people you meet online.

Authentication is all around us! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's our latest "60 Second Security" video - catch the week's security news in just 1 minute.

FTC settles first crowdfunding case over deceptive Kickstarter project - but don't expect a refund


The FTC just settled its first case involving crowdfunding against a man who pocketed $122,000 in Kickstarter contributions without delivering the project - but he's not going to have to pay it back.

Reddit bans r/fatpeoplehate, four other subreddits under new harassment rules

Reddit bans r/fatpeoplehate under new harassment rules

Reddit's newly minted anti-harrassment policy has led to the axing of some subreddits but has left other blatantly racist subreddits untouched.

Twitter's block list export to enable en masse blocking of trolls

Twitter's new 'Block Together' enables en masse blocking of trolls

The new Twitter tool is meant to enable communities to share lists of problem accounts instead of having to pick them off one by one.

Watch out for Acai Berry scams on Facebook

Imagine a friend sends you a link, and you end up on a scammy diet site...

Could that cause any harm? What should you do?