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New 'Clear' app helps you erase your online mistakes

Surprised man. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Sure, we'd love to wipe away those rude/racy/rebellious posts, but how erasable is erasable? Two phrases come to mind: "screen capture" and "digital archive!"

Twitter's new anti-abuse filter hides harassing tweets from your mentions


Twitter has introduced a new feature that could block abusive and threatening tweets before they are even seen by victims.

After School app grows up after child safety criticisms

AfterSchool app

Like many apps, 'After School' has decided to grow up and start taking toxic chat and threats of violence seriously. It's a welcome sign of maturation.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week

Here are last week's stories in one convenient place so you can catch up on what you missed!

Twitter’s new Periscope app takes a user privacy hit

Twitter’s new Periscope app takes a user privacy hit

If a user forgets to turn off the Twitter button before broadcasting a private video stream, the title gets shared with all the user's followers.

India strikes down controversial "Section 66A" social media policing law

India strikes down controversial "Section 66A" social media policing law

India's Supreme Court has repealed a controversial law that allowed police to arrest people over objectionable content posted on social networks and other websites.

Twitter's new “threats, abusive language” filter has its restrictions

Twitter's new “threats, abusive language” filter has its restrictions

The quality filter will only be available on iOS verified user accounts for now, leaving unverified users left to confront the same old garbage and abuse in their notifications.

Convicted identity thief caught after posting selfie on Twitter

Convicted identity thief caught after posting selfies on Twitter

Selfie-posting tax fraud fugitive Lance Ealy has been apprehended by US Marshals after four months on the run.

Monday review - the hot 23 stories of the week


Here they are: the hot computer security stories of the past week, neatly laid out for you to review.

Twitter threatens revenge porn posters with account locking and suspension

Twitter. Image courtesy of 360b/Shutterstock.

Twitter says it will lock accounts of users who post intimate content without subjects' permission, until the offending material's deleted, and might suspend accounts if the intent is harassment.

Monday review - the hot 25 stories of the week

Monday review

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Twitter troll fired, another suspended after Curt Schilling names and shames them

Troll. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Within 1 hour of the online onslaught against his daughter, the former Red Sox pitcher had published tormentors' names and backgrounds. One was suspended, another lost his job, and others were kicked off school athletic teams.

RIP Leonard Nimoy: a hero to Trekkies, but so much more than "Spock"

Leonard Nimoy photo courtesy of Vicki L. Miller /

Leonard Nimoy was beloved by millions, including many of us at Naked Security and at Sophos. So it is with great sadness that we acknowledge his passing on Friday, at the age of 83, and offer this modest tribute.

Barclays to launch Twitter payments through Pingit mobile app

Barclays to launch Twitter payments through Pingit mobile app

A new service from Barclays bank will allow its 'Pingit' users to send money to each other over Twitter.

Twitter's new tool should stop password sharing and help fend off hijackings

Twitter. Image courtesy of Shutterstock / Twin Design.

The new tool, TweetDeck Teams, lets users share Twitter accounts without having to share passwords.

Lizard Squad returns, claims attack on Xbox Live and Daybreak Games

Lizard. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Hacking group Lizard Squad has returned, apparently disrupting Microsoft's Xbox Live service and Daybreak Games with DDoS attacks.

Robot tweets "I seriously want to kill people", prompts police response

Robot Tweets "I seriously want to kill people" prompting emergency police response

When Dutch police responded to a death threat made by a local Twitter account, they discovered the culprit was nothing more than an automated bot.

Anonymous takes down dozens of "terrorist" social media accounts in #OpISIS

Anonymous takes down dozens of Twitter accounts in #OpISIS

Infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has begun a new operation designed to take down ISIS sympathisers on the web.