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Monday review - the hot 15 stories of the week

Monday review

It's weekly roundup time. Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Beware Twitter "password check" sites - there are fakes, and there are fake fakes!


After a widely publicised hack or data breach, you'll often find "password check" sites springing up.

Some of them are legitimate, but other password check sites are as bogus as they sound on the surface...

Monday review - the hot 31 stories of the week

Here you go.

All the stories we wrote in the past seven days, in case you missed anything (or just want to read them again).

Sophos staff win Movember contest while raising money for prostate cancer research

Onur Komili from Team Mophos

Sophos Vancouver steps up to raise funds for men's health research and wins some contests in the process.

Shh/Updater-B false positive by Sophos anti-virus products

Default image

Some Sophos customers have reported detections today of Shh/Updater-B. Sophos would like to reassure users that these are false positives and are not a malware outbreak.

SKA - no longer a troublesome mass-mailing computer virus

SKA - no longer a troublesome mass-mailing computer virus

In computer security history, the word Ska is most notably associated with a widespread mass-mailing virus also known as Happy99.

Happily, that association has recently been subsumed by an ambitious astronomical project - one which brings astonishing computer science challenges all of its own.

Motorists warned of Dalek invasion by hacked road sign

Daleks hack road sign

First there was a warning that there were zombies on the road ahead..

Now it's the turn of the Daleks.

The full AusCERT 2012 #sophospuzzle - cut, paste, solve, NERF!


Here is the full text of the #sophospuzzle from this year's AusCERT T-shirt.

Cut, paste, solve and get in the running to win a NERF gun.

US Army warns about the risks of geotagging


With the dangers of geotagging more than obvious for soldiers, the US Army is also warning civilians against tagging their every move.

Best Corporate Security Blog awarded to Naked Security at RSA


The Social Security Blogger Awards was held once again at RSA in San Francisco last week and Naked Security is proud to have taken home another trophy.

MegaUpload data could be deleted by Thursday

delete button

According to reports, hosting companies may start deleting MegaUpload users' content from their servers as soon as Thursday - regardless of whether or not the content is legal.

US Police use games consoles in crime investigations

xbox console

Police in the US use XBox 360 and PS3s as key parts of investigations. With police now cooperating more closely with companies like Microsoft, is it time to ask for greater transparency about their relationships?

Join us for the Sophos Security Threat Report webcast January 26th


Join Chester Wisniewski and James Hilliard for a webcast covering the latest security developments from the second half of 2011 on January 26th, 2012 at 19:00 UTC/2PM Eastern time.

All the #sophoscrossword winners for 2011/2012


Check out the country-by-country medal count for the 2011/2012 #sophoscrossword!

You'll also find hints (if you got stuck along the way but still want to finish under your own steam) or a full solution (if you just want the answers).

Samoa moves to the other side of the world - and misses a day!


At midnight tonight, Samoa will switch from UTC-12 to UTC+12, jumping from one side of the world to the other.

So there will be no Friday 30 December 2011 in Samoa. How funky is that?

Naked Security wishes you great holidays

mouse with wreath

We're winding down a little for the Christmas break so you might find us a bit quieter than usual.

See you back here in 2012!

LEO - the world's first business software ran 60 years ago today


Sixty years ago, the first business application ran on the first business computer.

What's the bet that someone said, "What will they think of next?"

RIP John McCarthy, the LISP creator who sorted out memory mismanagement


"Uncle John" McCarthy, the creator of the functional programming language LISP, died earlier this week in California.

McCarthy pioneered automatic garbage collection, for which we owe him a substantial debt of thanks.

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The MySpace puppies hack that wasn't

The MySpace puppies hack that wasn't

Visitors to MySpace were greeted by an unusual message today - but it wasn't the result of a malicious hacker attack.