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Snapchat tells teens: Keep your clothes on!

Snapchat to teens: Keep your clothes on!

Somebody should have told the kids whose racy snap went viral: Snapchat's got a new Safety Center that nixes nudity and sex, at least for minors.

Tumblr blocks torrent-related posts from search results, along with adult content

Tumblr blocks torrent-related posts from search results, along with adult content

Logged-in users will have to click the lock icon to switch out of "safe mode" and get to any posts tagged with, or mentioning, torrents.

Alleged US Army hacker Lauri Love wants his computers back

Alleged US Army hacker wants his computers back

A man arrested on suspicion of hacking into the computer systems of the United States Army and other federal agencies is petitioning for the return of his encrypted computers and storage devices.

How the "Great SIM Heist" could have been avoided

Apparently, intelligence services managed to penetrate the network of a major SIM card manufacturer, grab loads of SIM keys, and now we're all liable to be listened in on.

But why? What is it about SIM cards that made this possible?

Facebook to be sued by Native American over real-name policy

Facebook to be sued by Native American over real-name policy

Dana Lone Hill, a member of the Lakota people and one of many Native Americans whom Facebook shut out over erroneous reports of fake names, will head the class action lawsuit.

YouTube to launch ad free subscription and a kid safe app

YouTube to launch ad-free subscription and a kid-safe app

YouTube's stripping comments from its upcoming Kids app and adverts from its upcoming paid subscription model.

Monday review - the hot 31 stories of the week

Monday review

Get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

What's SUPER and helps you to PHISH, sorry, FISH? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Here's our weekly news roundup - from Superfish to Super Spectacles.

It's amusing, informative, and only takes a minute - enjoy!

Apple Watch wobbles? Advanced health tracking features dropped for launch


The rumor mill is shifting into high gear ahead of the expected April 2015 launch of the Apple Watch, and leaked details imply some setbacks - according to recent reports, Apple has dropped groundbreaking health-tracking features.

Co-creator of Blackshades malware used to spy on Miss Teen USA pleads guilty

Blackshades malware co-creator pleads guilty, facing 10 years in jail

Alex Yücel has pleaded guilty to his involvement with the $40 program designed to secretly remotely control victims' computers.

How to get rid of the Lenovo "Superfish" adware

Here's how to get rid of the "Superfish" adware that was pre-installed on some Lenovo notebooks.

Lenovo "Superfish" controversy - what you need to know


Controversy of the week is "Superfish," an adware program pre-installed on Lenovo computers that has some worrying security problems.

Here's what you need to know, in plain English...

The Dark Web: anarchy, law, freedom and anonymity

Law on the frontier

Any notion that the Dark Web will be allowed to flourish as a vast, lawless space without a serious challenge is fantasy. The question is, what balance of surveillance and darkness are we prepared to tolerate on the web?

Ruin privacy-invading photos with reflective glass nanosphere clothing

Reflective nanosphere clothing ruins paparazzi's photos

Wearing clothes that turn you invisible is one way to fend off unwanted photographs, but your identity's still up for grabs in the light of day.

Revenge-porn king Hunter Moore pleads guilty to identity theft, hacking

Revenge-porn king Hunter Moore pleads guilty to identity theft, hacking

Congratulations to the hundreds of victims and to Charlotte Laws: the extremely tenacious mother of one victim who wouldn't back down.

Hackers force closure of Canadian Bitcoin exchange Cavirtex

Broken Bitcoin. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Canada's largest Bitcoin exchange - Cavirtex - has announced its closure, saying the latest in a string of hacking attacks may have left hashed passwords and 2FA "secrets" compromised.

Forget Google Glass, here's Sony's (not quite as catchy)‏ SmartEyeglass

Those aren't augmented reality spectacles.

THESE are augmented reality spectacles!

But what about the privacy and security side?

FreeBSD and the YARNBUG - more trouble at the Random Number Mill

How do you test your random number generator?

How do you determine, in an ordered way, that a sequence of numbers is entirely disordered?

With difficulty!

Breakthrough in facial recognition: the 'Deep Dense Face Detector'

Face detection

A breakthrough in facial recognition technology means that computers will soon be able to spot faces even if they're tilted or partially blocked: a boon to cloud storage providers, social networks, surveillance and advertisers alike.

Twitter's new tool should stop password sharing and help fend off hijackings

Twitter. Image courtesy of Shutterstock / Twin Design.

The new tool, TweetDeck Teams, lets users share Twitter accounts without having to share passwords.