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Cracked Uber accounts tumble to 40 cents on the dark web

Uber. Image courtesy of Evan Lorne/Shutterstock.

Dark web listings say they won't refund/replace if Uber asks for verification: a sign that Uber's experiments with strong verification requirements are paying off.

Don't bother signing up for the giant water slide Facebook events

SLide N Fly Facebook event

The photo for the huge water slide was stolen from a US company and used on 50 event pages for UK towns and cities, none of which report knowing anything about it.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week

Monday Review. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Avoid that cyberflash - 60 Second Security

Here's our weekly 1-minute video: Android, Adobe and Apple's AirDrop all get a look in this time.

How not to be "cyberflashed" on your iPhone

After writing about "cyberflashing," we were asked to put our advice on how to avoid it in one place.

Here it is.

Webcam spy sends couple photos of previous night's Netflix snuggle session

Couple on Netflix. Image courtesy of Global News

Unbeknown to the couple, they were actually sharing their movie night with a spy who was watching them via the webcam on their laptop.

Cybersquatter frenzy as Google becomes Alphabet without owning


Google's big announcement this Monday that it was creating a new holding company called Alphabet took the business world by surprise, and cybersquatters have moved in to exploit confusion about the Alphabet domain name and website.

Craigslist sex ad used for 'retribution' against FBI agent, Feds say

Craigslist. Image courtesy of GongTo/Shutterstock.

The ad invited men to have sex with the agent and his wife, included their phone number and address, and led to two calls from respondents.

Pregnancy groups warn of 'Preggophiles' stealing Facebook photos of baby bumps


Three different birthing groups have warned their members about people who use a fake woman's name to join Facebook groups in order to get hold of baby bump photos.

Apple issues updates for lots of critical holes - patch now!

Whether you believe in Mac malware or not, you still need the latest Apple patches to close off numerous critical holes.

Cyberflasher Airdrops rude images to victim’s iPhone

Apple's AirDrop sends you an image so you can decide whether you want the sender to send it to you.

What could possibly go wrong?

The latest accessory to flummox facial recognition cameras - the Privacy Visor!

Privacy Visor

Wear it with the melting-face T-shirt and the hoodie that kicks away light, and you'll be the belle of the privacy ball!

Man calls police 'slackers' on Facebook, falls foul of Spain's new 'gag law'

Gag. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Eduardo Díaz got in trouble for a tirade on the mayor's Facebook page in which he called the local police a class of slackers.

A virus on a *Mac*? Is NOTHING sacred? [Chet Chat Podcast 211]

The latest episode of our weekly security podcast - a quarter-hour of news with attitude! Enjoy.

Update Tuesday, Firefox's zero-day, more Android bugginess, a firmware virus for your Mac ...and a tax fraudster busted.

FBI catches swatter who said "you can't catch a hacker"


A Texan teenager has pleaded guilty to one count of threats to kill, after an investigation by the FBI pinpointed him as the source of several hoax bomb threats and "swatting" calls to police in Minnesota, Ohio and Massachusetts.

Adobe and PageFair claim ad blockers will cost business $22 billion in 2015


The rapid growth of people using ad blockers is costly to publishers and advertisers - and the trend looks to only grow worse for website owners as ad blocking comes to mobile devices.

Win against ransomware - with free staff Wi-Fi!

If someone is determined to take online risks while they're at work - how much better if they aren't on the business network?

The NSA is funding a 'safer' Internet of Things


A university project aims to build a lightweight virtualization architecture that can be used to bake cybersecurity into connected systems from the design phase.

32 hackers and traders charged with $100m in "insider trading" using stolen press releases

According to the charges, even a document stolen just 36 minutes before its official release was enough to make $500k in "insider trades."