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S3 Ep149: How many cryptographers does it take to change a light bulb?

Miss Manners confronts copy-and-paste. WinRAR patches bugs. When Airplane mode isn’t. How many cryptographers to change a light bulb?

Episode date: Thursday 2023-08-24

S3 Ep148: Remembering crypto heroes

Navajo Code Talkers Day. Beta bogosities. Skimming shenanigans. Hooligan hosting. A cybercrime conundrum.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-08-17

S3 Ep147: What if you type in your password during a meeting?

An amazing Art Deco computer. Yet more performance-versus-security trouble. Is sound alone enough to sniff out your password? A rap song (of sorts) with a cybersecurity connection.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-08-10

S3 Ep146: Tell us about that breach! (If you want to.)

Firefox fixes flaws. The exciting vulnerability that you don't need to be afraid of. Breach reporting rules with lots of leeway.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-08-03

S3 Ep145: Bugs With Impressive Names!

Apple patches two zero-days, one for a second time. How a 30-year-old cryptosystem got cracked. All your secret are belong to Zenbleed. Remembering those dodgy PC/Mac ads.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-07-27

S3 Ep144: When threat hunting goes down a rabbit hole

Why your Mac’s calendar app says it’s JUL 17. One patch, one line, one file. Careful with that {axe,file}, Eugene. Storm season for Microsoft. When typos make you sing for joy.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-07-20

S3 Ep143: Supercookie surveillance shenanigans

Remembering the slide rule. Patch Tuesday. Supercookie surveillance shenanigans. When bugs arrive in pairs. Apple’s patch that needed a patch. User-Agent considered harmful.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-07-13

S3 Ep142: Putting the X in X-Ops

First there was DevOps, then SecOps, then DevSecOps. Or should that be SecDevOps? Paul Ducklin talks to Sophos X-Ops insider Matt Holdcroft about how to get all your corporate Ops teams working together, with cybersecurity correctness as a guiding light.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-07-06

S3 Ep141: What was Steve Jobs’s first job?

PONG for one player. Apple pushes out anti-spyware patch. Beware bad passwords on Linux servers. “Twitter hacker” gets 5 years. When mobile phones and dental hygiene collide.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-06-29

S3 Ep140: So you think you know ransomware?

Gee Whizz BASIC (probably). Think you know ransomware? Megaupload, 11 years on. ASUS warns of critical router bugs. MOVEit mayhem Part III.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-06-22

S3 Special: Tracers in the Dark with Andy Greenberg

We talk to renowned cybersecurity author Andy Greenberg about vital cybersecurity issues including cryptographic backdoors, anonymity, privacy and more.

Episode date: Monday 2023-02-06

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