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S3 Ep136: Navigating a manic malware maelstrom

Luminiferous aether. A $10m cybercrime reward. Bank scam kingpin gets 13 years. Three Apple 0-days. A Python malware maelstrom.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-05-25

S3 Ep135: Sysadmin by day, extortionist by night

An Apple product that flopped (but not the Newton). Two-faced sysadmin jailed for 6 years. The smart plug with the unsmart security hole. Clearview AI again, once more, again.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-05-18

S3 Ep134: It’s a PRIVATE key – the hint is in the name!

The world-changing Visible Calculator. How not to get a job. Private keys – the hint is in the name. Microsoft's complicated bootkit patch. Taming Bluetooth trackers.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-05-11

S3 Ep133: Apple takes “tight-lipped” to a whole new level

New England gets BASIC. Google hits back at CryptBot crooks. Apple seals its lips on security. Mac malware-as-a-service. World Password Day. PaperCut: disclose or don’t disclose?

Episode date: Thursday 2023-05-04

S3 Ep132: Proof-of-concept lets anyone hack at will

The CIH or SpaceFiller virus revisited. Google’s 2FA security shortcut. Server vulns under active attack. Two Chrome zero-days, but was it one attack?

Episode date: Thursday 2023-04-27

S3 Ep131: Can you really have fun with FORTRAN?

Fun with FORTRAN?! An extreme data breach and its consequences. Rogue 2FA apps live in action. Juicejacking revisited.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-04-20

S3 Ep130: Open the garage bay doors, HAL

A common business-oriented language. Patch Tuesday. Secure Boot (without the “Secure” part). Apple zero-days. World-readable garage doors. Motherboard malware threats.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-04-13

S3 Ep129: When spyware arrives from someone you trust

A supply chain attack that foisted spyware on trusting users. Wi-Fi encryption bypass via left-over data. Surely there should be TWO World Backup Days?

Episode date: Thursday 2023-04-06

S3 Ep128: So you want to be a cybercriminal?

RIP Gordon Moore, the more in Moore’s Law. Photo cropping bugfix. DDoS honeypot. E-commerce patches. Apple 0-day and lots more.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-03-30

S3 Ep127: When you chop someone out of a photo, but there they are anyway…

The mobile phone bugs that Google kept quiet, just in case. The mysterious case of ATM video uploads. When redacted data springs back to life.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-03-23

S3 Ep126: Freaky fashion apps and feature creep

The price of fast fashion. Firefox fixes. Feature creep fail curtailed in Patch Tuesday updates.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-03-16

S3 Ep125: When security hardware has security holes

Memories of Michelangelo (the virus, not the artist). Data leakage bugs in TPM 2.0. Ransomware bust, ransomware warning, and anti-ransomware advice.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-03-09

S3 Ep124: When so-called security apps go rogue

How Woz nearly gave away the Apple I. Rogue software packages. Rogue network “administrators”. Rogue keyloggers. Rogue authenticators.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-03-02

S3 Ep123: Crypto company compromise kerfuffle

The first search warrant for computer storage. GoDaddy breach. Twitter surprise. Coinbase kerfuffle. The cost of success.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-23

S3 Ep122: Stop calling every breach “sophisticated”!

The birth of ENIAC. A “sophisticated attack” (someone got phished). A crypto hack enabled by a security warning. Valentine’s Day Patch Tuesday. Apple closes spyware-sized 0-day.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-16

S3 Ep121: When cybercrime victims are culprits, too

Cryptocurrency crimelords. Security patches for VMware, OpenSSH and OpenSSL. Medical breacher busted. Is that a bug or a feature?

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-09

S3 Special: Tracers in the Dark with Andy Greenberg

We talk to renowned cybersecurity author Andy Greenberg about vital cybersecurity issues including cryptographic backdoors, anonymity, privacy and more.

Episode date: Monday 2023-02-06

S3 Ep120: When dud crypto simply won’t let go

The mighty CPU that wasn’t. Hive ransomware takedown. Dutch data crime suspect busted. Samba finally gets rid of MD5. GitHub admits to an intrusion. Storing passwords securely.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-02

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