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S3 Ep103: Scammers in the Slammer (and other stories)

A fridge-sized calculator. ProxyNotShell situation reviewed. Romance and BEC scammer gets 25 years in the slammer. Is there an answer to nuisance callers? Is the answer voicemail?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-10-06

S3 Ep102.5: “ProxyNotShell” Exchange bugs – an expert speaks

Chester Wisniewski gives you actionable advice on how to deal with two actively exploited Exchange zero-days that suddenly burst into the news. Learn who’s affected and how, find out what you can do while waiting for Microsoft’s patches, and plan your threat hunting.

Episode date: Saturday 2022-10-01

S3 Ep102: Cutting through cybersecurity news hype

What’s the real deal with LAPSUS$? How did Optus get hacked? Was there really a WhatsApp 0-day? What if “deleted” data comes back from the dead to haunt you?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-09-29

S3 Ep101: Uber and LastPass – is 2FA all it’s cracked up to be?

Security SOS Week 2022 – check it out! The very first Android. Firefox 105 is out. Uber hacked… by LAPSUS$? LastPass talks about its breach. Are two disks better than one?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-09-22

S3 Ep100.5: Uber breach – an expert speaks

Chester Wisniewski explains what we can learn from Uber’s latest cybsecurity crisis: “Just because a big company didn’t have the security they should doesn’t mean you can’t.”

Episode date: Saturday 2022-09-17

S3 Ep100: Browser-in-the-Browser hacking – how to spot an attack

Second Cosmic Rocket (not a band!) Microsoft 0-day. Apple 0-days. Good logging habits. Browser-in-the-browser trickery. DEADBOLT ransomware. Again.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-09-15

S3 Ep99: TikTok “attack” – was there a data breach, or not?

The bug that was a moth. Was there really a TikTok breach? Peter Eckersley: Code In Peace. Chrome and Edge fix a zero-day. Apple updates iOS 12 for the first time in a year. App icons: the difference between sprockets and cogs.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-09-08

S3 Ep98: The LastPass saga – should we stop using password managers?

The Computer Misuse Act of 1990. JavaScript supply-chain bug hunting. Jumping airgaps. “The Sanitizer” comes to Chrome. LastPass breach provokes password manager puzzlement.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-09-01

S3 Ep97: A musical crash, ATM skimming, and was your iPhone pwned?

Start me up. The R&B dance classic that crashed computers. Bitcoin ATM skimming (no malware required). Multiple browser zero-days. Was your iPhone pwned?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-08-25

S3 Ep96: Zoom 0-day, AEPIC leak, Conti reward, heathcare security

Chester attends DEF CON from afar. Zoom fixes an 0-day. An APIC leak that isn’t EPIC. $10m for dobbing in Conti criminals. Cybersecurity in hospitals. Ransomware in triplicate.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-08-18

S3 Ep95: Slack leak, Github onslaught, and post-quantum crypto

Memories of the Blaster worm. Slack leaked password hashes for FIVE YEARS. Github showered with malware. Traffic lights and cybersecurity. Post-quantum cryptography.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-08-11

S3 Ep94: This sort of crypto, and the other sort of crypto

Queen Victoria goes online. A nasty bug in Samba. Smiles for SysAdmins. A crypto-as-in-cryptography bug. A crypto-as-in-currency disaster. Is $200 million just chump change?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-08-04

S3 Ep93: Office security, data breach costs, and leisurely patches

Geosynchronicity. Office security (on-off-on). A half-billion-dollar data breach cost. And patch that browser!

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-28

S3 Ep92: Log4Shell4Ever, summer tips, and scammer timing

Integrated circuits and Nobel prizes. Log4Shell – forever? Cybersecurity tips for summmer. Scams and coincidence.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-21

S3 Ep91: Code Red, OpenSSL, Java bugs and Office macros

Memories of Code Red. OpenSSL fixes two tiny but troublesome bugs. More trouble in Java-land. Office macros off and back on again. Perils of paying ransomware demands.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-14

S3 Ep90: Chrome 0-day again, True Cybercrime, and a 2FA bypass

Chrome quashes another zero-day browser bug. Two big-time cybercrime stories. A 2FA phishing scam that arrived PDQ. Chester swarmed by bots on Twitter.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-07

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