We share our technical knowledge and advice in plain English without stripping out the interesting bits, with lots of laughs along the way.

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S3 Ep2: Creepy smartwatches, botnets and Pings of Death

This week we investigate a creepy smartwatch for kids, discuss Microsoft’s short-lived takedown of Trickbot, explain how to avoid the Windows “Ping of Death” bug, and (oh no!) find the source of mysterious beeping from every computer in the office.

Episode date: Thursday 2020-10-15

S3 Ep1: Ransomware – is it really OK to pay?

This week we wonder whether Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a waste of time, explain the concept of “linkless phishing“, ask if it’s ever OK to pay a ransomware demand, and advise what to do when the CEO won’t stop looking at naughty sites.

Episode date: Thursday 2020-10-08

S3 Trailer: We’re back!

Get ready. A brand new season arrives Thursday, 8 October 2020.

Trailer date: Tuesday 2020-10-06