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S3 Ep124: When so-called security apps go rogue

How Woz nearly gave away the Apple I. Rogue software packages. Rogue network “administrators”. Rogue keyloggers. Rogue authenticators.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-03-02

S3 Ep123: Crypto company compromise kerfuffle

The first search warrant for computer storage. GoDaddy breach. Twitter surprise. Coinbase kerfuffle. The cost of success.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-23

S3 Ep122: Stop calling every breach “sophisticated”!

The birth of ENIAC. A “sophisticated attack” (someone got phished). A crypto hack enabled by a security warning. Valentine’s Day Patch Tuesday. Apple closes spyware-sized 0-day.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-16

S3 Ep121: When cybercrime victims are culprits, too

Cryptocurrency crimelords. Security patches for VMware, OpenSSH and OpenSSL. Medical breacher busted. Is that a bug or a feature?

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-09

S3 Special: Tracers in the Dark with Andy Greenberg

We talk to renowned cybersecurity author Andy Greenberg about vital cybersecurity issues including cryptographic backdoors, anonymity, privacy and more.

Episode date: Monday 2023-02-06

S3 Ep120: When dud crypto simply won’t let go

The mighty CPU that wasn’t. Hive ransomware takedown. Dutch data crime suspect busted. Samba finally gets rid of MD5. GitHub admits to an intrusion. Storing passwords securely.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-02-02

S3 Ep119: Breaches, patches, leaks and tweaks!

The coding language almost called Oak. GoTo admits to more breach woes. T-Mobile spills 37 million records. Apple patches everything, even iOS 12. And Google mAkES tYpOs for sECurity.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-01-26

S3 Ep118: Guess your password? No need if it’s stolen already!

The HAPPY99 virus reminds us that less is more. Trouble with JSON Web Tokens. Investment scammers busted in Europe. The LifeLock “breach” that wasn’t.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-01-19

S3 Ep117: The crypto crisis that wasn’t (and farewell forever to Win 7)

Two stories from the underground. Bank scammers busted. The crypto-crack that wasn’t. And the end of two Windows eras at the same time.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-01-12

S3 Ep116: Last straw for LastPass? And is cryptography doomed?

The ground-breaking HP-35 calculator. Last straw for LastPass? Congress takes on quantum computing. 33 1/3-year-old cybersecurity lessons. Machine learning supply chain attack.

Episode date: Thursday 2023-01-05

S3 Ep115: Incident response – A day in the life

Paul Ducklin talks to Peter Mackenzie, Director of Incident Response at Sophos, in a cybersecurity session that will alarm, amuse and educate you, all in equal measure.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-12-29

S3 Ep114: Preventing cyberthreats – stop them before they stop you!

Join world-renowned Sophos expert Fraser Howard, Director of Research at SophosLabs, for this fascinating episode, recorded during our recent Security SOS Week 2022.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-12-22

S3 Ep113: Pwning the Windows kernel: the crooks who hoodwinked Microsoft

The irony of the CAN-SPAM law. When genuine kernel drivers go rogue. Apple patches everything. Stealing data via secret radio waves. E-commerce supply chain drama.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-12-15

S3 Ep112: Beware! Data breaches can haunt you more than once…

The worm that wasn’t a Goner. LastPass stung in the data breach tail. Apple’s secretive update. The Ping o’ Death. SIM swapping explained. A Beatles-esque 0-day in Chrome and Edge.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-12-08

S3 Ep111: The business risk of a sleazy “nudity unfilter”

Christmas-themed wormage. Prurient malware. Cryptorom busts. Voice call spoofing.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-12-01

S3 Ep110: Spotlight on cyberthreats – an expert speaks

Security specialist John Shier tells you the “news you can really use” – how to boost your cybersecurity based on real-world advice from the 2023 Sophos Threat Report.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-11-24

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