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S3 Ep95: Slack leak, Github onslaught, and post-quantum crypto

Memories of the Blaster worm. Slack leaked password hashes for FIVE YEARS. Github showered with malware. Traffic lights and cybersecurity. Post-quantum cryptography.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-08-11

S3 Ep94: This sort of crypto, and the other sort of crypto

Queen Victoria goes online. A nasty bug in Samba. Smiles for SysAdmins. A crypto-as-in-cryptography bug. A crypto-as-in-currency disaster. Is $200 million just chump change?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-08-04

S3 Ep93: Office security, data breach costs, and leisurely patches

Geosynchronicity. Office security (on-off-on). A half-billion-dollar data breach cost. And patch that browser!

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-28

S3 Ep92: Log4Shell4Ever, summer tips, and scammer timing

Integrated circuits and Nobel prizes. Log4Shell – forever? Cybersecurity tips for summmer. Scams and coincidence.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-21

S3 Ep91: Code Red, OpenSSL, Java bugs and Office macros

Memories of Code Red. OpenSSL fixes two tiny but troublesome bugs. More trouble in Java-land. Office macros off and back on again. Perils of paying ransomware demands.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-14

S3 Ep90: Chrome 0-day again, True Cybercrime, and a 2FA bypass

Chrome quashes another zero-day browser bug. Two big-time cybercrime stories. A 2FA phishing scam that arrived PDQ. Chester swarmed by bots on Twitter.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-07-07

S3 Ep89: Sextortion, blockchain blunder, and an OpenSSL bugfix

Memories of the iPhone 1. Sextortion scams target LGBTQ+ daters. Yet another blockchain blunder. OpenSSL fixes the bug missed in the last bugfix. And what became of Little Bobby Tables?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-06-30

S3 Ep88: Phone scammers, hacking bust, and data breach fines

Duck gets behind the Ducks. 2000 phone scammers arrested in Interpol action. A three-year-old hacking case ends in conviction. And a Canadian financial company picks up an enormous data breach fine.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-06-23

S3 Ep87: Follina, AirTags, ID theft and the Law of Big Numbers

Computer Science in the 1800s. Fixing Follina. AirTag stalking. ID theft site seizure. The Law of Big Numbers versus SMS scams.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-06-16

S3 Ep86: The crooks were in our network for HOW long?!

The dawn of the x86 era. The Active Adversary Playbook. A sort-of zero day in Windows. A real-life zero-day in Atlassian Confluence. And the registry settings that could keep you in your job.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-06-09

S3 Ep85: Now THAT’S what I call a Microsoft Office exploit!

Why calling a computer after a famous scientist doesn’t always help. The wacky but dangerous 0-day hole in Windows. Supply chain attacks and the crooks who orchestrate them. Smishing revisited. And why saying what you really mean makes you better at cybersecurity.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-06-02

S3 Ep84: Government demand, Mozilla velocity, and Clearview fine

How network comms caught a murderer back in in 1845. Why the US government said, “Patch, or else!” How Mozilla got a double code-execution bug fixed in 48 hours. And why controversial face-matching company Clearview AI got fined $10m.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-05-26

S3 Ep83: Cracking passwords, patching Firefox, and Apple vulns

What does the word “non-commensurate” mean? When is cracking passwords legal? Why did Firefox get patched? Which computer needed dropping onto the desk? Why wasn’t this 0-day listed in every Apple update? Did Duck get spammed, or was it actually a troll?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-05-19

S3 Ep82: Bugs, bugs, bugs (and Colonial Pipeline again)

Where does the word “radio” come from? RubyGems supply chain rip-and-replace bug. A weird, weird, weird, weird, weird GoogleDocs bug. Colonial Pipeline back in the cybersecurity news. What about built-in password managers?

Episode date: Thursday 2022-05-12

S3 Ep81: Passwords (still with us!), Github, Firefox at 100, and network worms

World Password Day (we still need it), Github authentication tokens, Firefox hits a ton, and a look back at network worms.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-05-05

S3 Ep80: Ransomware news, phishing woes, NAS bugs, and a giant hole in Java

The biggest mountain in tne solar system. New ransomware statistics. Trouble with phishing. Bugs in NAS boxes. A giant security hole in Java. Get an full-on firewall at home for free.

Episode date: Thursday 2022-04-28

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