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5 comments on “Send us a tip

  1. How can I contact someone at sophos about a disappearing Naked Security subscription? I have signed up a time or two, but I do not get any message back saying I am subscribed, asking me to confirm my mail address, nor do I get a newsletter.

    While I can survive without the newsletter, people are always recommending the strength of your newsletter, so I would like a chance to read it myself.

    • The only thing I can think of is that your email service is blocking our messages. Perhaps it doesn’t like the word “Naked”? Perhaps your service doesn’t allow messages from MailChimp (the company that handles our newsletter) for various reasons? You should receive an email within a second or three containing “confirm your subscription” link.

      Do you have anther email address you can try?

      Testing it now on a server of my own…

      1. Entering email address.
      2. Clicking the [Subscribe] button while watching the mail server logs.
      3. (Counting out loud) One Missy Sippy Two Mi…
      4. Email arrived.

      Subject: Naked Security - Sophos List: Please Confirm Subscription
      Sender: [redacted]

      That’s a MailChimp server. Could you check your junk folder for that subject?

  2. What an absolute joy it is to read articles written by folks who take pride in the written language; such a rarity. Thank you all…

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