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Get into RSA 2015 for free, hear eye-opening talks!

The annual RSA Conference in San Francisco is next week, starting on Monday 20 April 2015.

Get a free expo pass on us...

Google announces "two improvements" to Google Play app approval process


Google recently added actual humans to the Android app approval system... there's age rating and better feedback for rejected apps as well.

What's SUPER and helps you to PHISH, sorry, FISH? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Here's our weekly news roundup - from Superfish to Super Spectacles.

It's amusing, informative, and only takes a minute - enjoy!

How to get rid of the Lenovo "Superfish" adware

Here's how to get rid of the "Superfish" adware that was pre-installed on some Lenovo notebooks.

Lenovo "Superfish" controversy - what you need to know


Controversy of the week is "Superfish," an adware program pre-installed on Lenovo computers that has some worrying security problems.

Here's what you need to know, in plain English...

Return of the Android SMS virus - self-spreading "Selfmite" worm comes back for more


Back in June 2014, we wrote about an Android virus that worked a bit like the email worms of the early 2000s.

Well, that Android virus has made a comeback, and this variant is both pushier and more flexible than before...

Microsoft devours Nokia and charges ahead with Windows Phone 8.1


Microsoft's multi-billion-dollar deal to acquire the devices arm of mobile phone maker Nokia is finally done, and smartphones under the name Microsoft Mobile will soon be rolling out of Nokia's former factories. But will Windows Phone 8.1 security features help Microsoft make inroads in the enterprise market?

Google takes down fake anti-virus app that duped 10,000 users on Play Store


The Virus Shield app cost $3.99 and claimed to be a scanner that protected Android devices from viruses, while promising to never annoy users with pop-up ads found on many free apps.

Too bad for the 10,000 people who paid for it - Virus Shield was a fake.

Google takes aim at deceptive advertising of Play Store apps


Google has announced updates to its developer policies for the Play Store app market to ban certain types of misleading and underhanded advertising behavior.

We look at three apps that use now-forbidden promotional tactics, plus we offer security tips to help you avoid unwanted and malicious apps.

Misleading advertisements lead to hijacked browser settings


Advertisements don't have a great track record for safety and we are beginning to see more frequent abuse of search and mobile ads to deliver unwanted addons purporting to be legitimate tools. Be careful where you click and closely scrutinize software options before installation.

FTC slapdown, no iPhone for Mr President, and Dutch banks get tough - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

How could the brightest flashlight leave you in the dark? Do you need to close Joel's Backdoor? Why can't the President choose his own phone? Should you update your anti-virus before you bank online?

Find out in 60 Second Security!

Advertising in mobile apps - how much is too much?


At this week's Virus Bulletin conference in Berlin, two SophosLabs researchers will present a paper on ads and adware in the mobile ecosystem.

We'd love to put *your* questions and comments to them from the conference floor - so here's your chance to have your say...

Google tells ad-blocking utilities on Android: "You're fired!" [POLL]


Today, Google did a Donald Trump, as good as saying to a number of popular ad-blocking programs, "You're fired!"

Paul Ducklin investigates, and asks what this means for security vendors, who also aim to help you block things you don't want...

How a regular IT guy helped catch a botnet cybercriminal

How a regular IT guy helped catch a botnet cybercriminal

Veteran cybercrime investigator Bob Burls looks back on a case where the diligence of an IT professional helped convict a botmaster who had made tens of thousands of dollars.

Beware the Bad Piggies: Fake games hit 82k Chrome users with adware

Beware the Bad Piggies: Fake Rovio game hits 82k Chrome users with adware

Google Chrome users are warned that supposedly “free” versions of the Angry Birds spin-off “Bad Piggies” are fakes that harvest data and install adware.

What is worse on Android? Malware or PUAs?


Although the number of discovered malicious apps for Android is growing at an exponential rate, the actual reports from customer devices show that potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) are also causing problems.

Facebook teaches users how to kill adware

Facebook silently tracking users' cursors to see which ads float our boats

Curious to know who's been checking you out on Facebook? Tempted to see who's visited your timeline? Put that click-happy finger away!

VB 2009 - Is there a lawyer in the lab?

Image (1) ladyjustice250.jpg for post 2864

In my continuing series on Virus Bulletin 2009 presentations I want to share with you my impressions of a talk given by Juraj Malcho of Eset entitled "Is there a lawyer in the lab?". Juraj's presentation discussed the spectrum of Read more…

Good riddance - Zango shuts down

Image (1) gravestone.jpg for post 12069

Not many people will be shedding a tear this week at the news that notorious adware distributor Zango has shut its doors. According to media reports, Zango (who were previously known as 180Solutions) was unable to remain in business because Read more…