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New rules on drones and aerial surveillance issued by FAA, White House

FAA, White House issue rules on drones and aerial surveillance

Proposed FAA rules would prohibit flying drones out of eyesight, at night, or over people, while the president has ordered federal agencies to be transparent about data collection and to respect privacy.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft pay to get ads past Adblock Plus

Google, Amazon, Microsoft pay to get ads past Adblock Plus

Ad-buying big boys Google, Amazon, Microsoft and the content marketing platform Taboola have quietly ponied up the money to keep their ads from being blocked on Adblock Plus, the world's most popular software for blocking online advertising.

Dirt-cheap PS4 Amazon listings in Walmart price-match scam

Scam. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Who needs to wait until Black Friday for doorbuster, price-slashing, Insanely! Low!! Prices!!! when you can instead defraud price-matching policies with bogus Amazon listings showing whatever crazy-low price you dream up?

Snapchat, AT&T, Amazon = worst privacy protectors says EFF

Snapchat, AT&T, Amazon = worst privacy protectors says EFF

Snapchat makes its debut on the list with the lowest ranking of all when it comes to who's got our backs. The good news is that many companies have made vast strides in criteria including publishing transparency reports about government data requests and fighting for users' data privacy rights both in the courts and in Congress.

Is Amazon hacking our apps? Or doing us all a security favour?


A war of words that started out as a fairly stinging criticism of Amazon has mellowed out into praise for the cloud services behemoth.

It seems that Amazon is checking mobile apps for security risks, and heaping advice on developers who have wandered off the straight and narrow...

SEA attempts to hack Facebook and other MarkMonitor domain customers

Facebook Photo Sync: Nine things you should know

The group known as the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) attempted to commandeer the DNS records of Facebook, but were thwarted by DNS provider MarkMonitor. Are the basic protocols up to the task of protecting us in 2014?

Loyaltybuild, Amazon, Facebook and Mavis Batey MBE - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Why shouldn't you store unencrypted credit card numbers? How can you squeeze a positive result from a password breach? What sort of pressure was on the cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park?

Find out the answers in just one minute!

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week

Monday review

In case you missed any recent stories, here's everything we wrote in the last seven days.

Outbreak! Fake Amazon UK emails spammed out, delivering malware

Fake Amazon UK emails spammed out, delivering malware

Although there has been increased talk recently on drive-by-downloads and compromised websites being used to deliver malware, it's worth remembering that email-based malware is far from dead.

50,000,000 usernames and passwords lost as LivingSocial "special offers" site hacked

LivingSocial, the online offers site owned in largish part by Amazon, has just emailed its userbase, said to be 50,000,000-strong, to fess up to a data breach.

Another day, another shed-load of password hashes in the hands of crooks....

Monday review - the hot 13 stories of the week

Monday review - the hot stories of the week

Catch up with everything we've written in the last seven days with this handy weekly roundup

Many Amazon S3 cloud storage users are exposing sensitive company secrets, claims report

Amazon S3 buckets full of holes

A security researcher tested a slew of (probably inappropriately misconfigured) storage buckets and found about one in six were open to the public, exposing content we think companies would probably have preferred remain private.

Lisa Vaas explores what has happened.

Ubuntu pipes search queries to Amazon, worrying privacy experts

Ubuntu pipes search results to Amazon

Revolution OS - or adware? An update to the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution will pass searches through's search engine. Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation calls that move a "major privacy problem."

If you launch a DDoS attack against Amazon, it's unwise to brag about it..

If you launch a DDoS attack against Amazon, it's unwise to brag about it..

Authorities in the United States have charged two men in connection with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack that crippled websites such as in June 2008.

Interview with a Pinterest spammer, earning $1000 a day

Interview with a Pinterest spammer

A spammer, who claims to earn $1000 a day by automatically posting affiliate links onto Pinterest from thousands of bot accounts, has given an interview describing his operation.

Contactless payment cards raise security concern - but is there a much older problem?

Contactless payment cards raise security concern - but is there a much older problem?

A TV news report raises concern about the NFC-enabled contactless cards being used by Barclays banking customers. Professor Alan Woodward explores what he believes to be the real issue.

Free gift card promotion is a Facebook scam


Gift card scams are a common sight on Facebook, and this weekend it has been the turn of to be the brand used by cybercriminals as a way of making them cash.

Amazon phishing attack claims your account is about to expire


Cybercriminals have widely spammed out an attack via email, posing as Amazon, in an attempt to trick users into handing over their credentials.

Amazon Kindle Fire launches, a second look at Silk privacy


Amazon began delivering Kindle Fire tablets today, which include their cloud-accelerated browser Silk. I took a look at their response to the EFF on the privacy concerns around cloud surfing and provide my reaction.

SSCC 74 - fighting hi-tech crime, Kelihos botnet, iCode for USA, Amazon Silk tablet, Mac malware and the BEAST

Sophos Security Chet Chat

This week, Chet and Paul Ducklin discuss the interesting and important topics of the past week: fighting hi-tech crime, tackling the Kelihos botnet, taking on zombified home users, examining the risks of Amazon's new Silk tablet, and understanding the BEAST!