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We need to start defining acceptable mobile advertising

We need to start defining acceptable mobile advertising

Advertising supports a large chunk of the apps we use on our mobile devices. But without oversight, the behaviour of ad frameworks risks crossing all manner of privacy and security lines. A proposed project aims to address this issue and define a standard for acceptable mobile ads.

Comparative anti-malware tests: the RIGHT way to do them


The latest anti-malware tests performed by Dennis Technology Labs show that comparative testing can actually be a strong indicator of how well today's security offerings can protect a user.

How not to measure PC security tools

How not to measure PC security tools

There's an interesting article by Mark Ward on the BBC News website today, where security firm Prevx (you'll remember them from their part in the BBC Click botnet fiasco) proposes a new way of measuring the effectiveness of anti-virus software. Read more…

AMTSO to publish opinion on anti-virus tests and reviews

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The great and the good of the security world returned from Budapest last week where there was a meeting of AMTSO, the Anti-Malware Standards Organisation. One of the outcomes of that meeting was that AMTSO has decided to provide a Read more…

Sparkling AMTSO

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Today I am at the AMTSO meeting in Budapest. We have just voted and approved 3 papers for publication: In the Cloud testing, Malware validation and Review Analysis. These 3 papers will shortly be available on the new AMTSO website. Read more…

Who's good at counting?

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I've reported on a wide variety of tests on this blog. Some have been very good whilst others have been very questionable. Today, my attention has been drawn to another testing site that claims to have a new take on Read more…