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Microsoft Word Intruder Revealed - inside a malware construction kit

What happens when cybercrooks take a leaf out of the Advanced Persistent Threatsters' book?

Gabor Szappanos of SophosLabs investigates...

Beer and Tequila forever! #SophosRetroWeek looks at old-school malware...

Join us on a visit to the past, when malware was...well, different!

The PlugX malware factory revisited: introducing "Smoaler"


Popular SophosLabs writer Gabor Szappanos is back with more insights into the Tibetan-themed Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) scene.

This time, he looks at Smoaler, a new cousin of the PlugX family that starts off like what we've seen before, before branching off in new ways.

Inside the "PlugX" malware with SophosLabs - a fascinating journey into a malware factory...


Join SophosLabs Principal Researcher Gabor Szappanos as he takes you on a fascinating journey into the latest "product" from the PlugX malware factory.

Has HTTPS finally been cracked? Five researchers deal SSL/TLS a biggish blow...


Cryptographers have once again put SSL/TLS (that's the padlock in HTTPS) in their gunsights and opened fire.

This time, they've done some severe damage.

Paul Ducklin takes a detailed look...

Sophos Security Threat Report 2012 - seeing through the hype


We know you're probably sceptical of "state of the world" reports from vendors. For all you can tell, they'll turn out to be thinly-digsuised advertorial, unreconstructed product brochures, or worse.

We like to do things differently. Find out how!