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Goodbye pseudonyms! Android app store reviews will now show your Google+ name and picture

Android app store reviews will now show your Google+ name and picture

No more pseudonymous reviews on Google Play - from now on, any feedback you leave on Android apps will be accompanied by your name and photograph.

What is worse on Android? Malware or PUAs?


Although the number of discovered malicious apps for Android is growing at an exponential rate, the actual reports from customer devices show that potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) are also causing problems.

Is Google Bouncer going to bounce all malware from the Android Market?


Google has pleasantly surprised the mobile malware research community when it announced yesterday that Android apps are analysed for malicious behavior before being allowed onto the Android Market, but is it all good news? Vanja Svajcer, Sophos Principal Researcher, investigates.

Android Counterclank is (not) malware

Android Counterclank is (not) malware

Despite the stint of very cold weather in Europe, Android malware scene is warming up. Vanja Svajcer finds an intriguing case for the difference of opinions on the classification of certain Android apps present in Google Android market.

Malicious cloned games attack Google Android Market

Android market

A malicious developer has created copies of the most popular games on Google's Android Market and added code to send SMS messages to premium line numbers. The Android Market security team pulled the malicious apps from the market, but how many people do you think got stung before they were removed?

Plankton malware drifts into Android Market


SophosLabs expert Vanja Svajcer takes a closer look at the latest malware hitting the Android Market.

Android malware against software piracy

Android malware against software piracy

A Trojan horse that attempts to protect developers of an Android app from piracy and punish users of cracked software has been discovered by SophosLabs. Vanja Svajcer investigates.

New Android Market web store could open backdoor for phone hackers


The recently released web-based Android Market store raises some questions regarding security on your smartphone.

SophosLabs Principal Researcher Vanja Svajcer investigates the potential for using Android Market web store as a vehicle for spreading malware.