anti-malware testing

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Are anti-virus testers measuring the right things?

Are AV testers measuring the right things?

Do we measure resilience? What aspects of test sample selection may bias results? What are the methods used in a field-trial of anti-malware? These were among the presentations at the first Workshop on Anti-Malware Testing Research (WATeR), where we looked at the sort of things current tests of anti-malware solutions reveal, and some things they do not.

How to rate a comparative anti-virus test - a six-step guide

How to rate a comparative anti-virus test - a 6-step guide

It sometimes seems like anyone with a computer feels qualified to do comparative anti-virus testing. There are a lot of pitfalls to look out for, which often trip up unwary would-be testers and regularly lead to wonky data and odd conclusions. So how do you know which tests are any good?

Comparative anti-malware tests: the RIGHT way to do them


The latest anti-malware tests performed by Dennis Technology Labs show that comparative testing can actually be a strong indicator of how well today's security offerings can protect a user.