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More iCloud phishing: don't get sucked in

It's easy to justify checking out spams and scams, on the "better safe than sorry" principle.

Don't do it!

You just end up one click closer to catastrophe.

Microsoft vows to clean away misleading apps from its Windows Store

App store

Microsoft is vowing to clean up Windows Store after a recent survey of the app store found many scam apps that were deceptively labeled with logos and names of legitimate apps.

This has been an ongoing problem. Will Microsoft finally rid its store of "crap apps"?

Anatomy of an iTunes phish - tips to avoid getting caught out

Even if you'd back yourself to spot a phish every time, here's a step-by-step account that might help to save your friends and family in the future...

Apple and Google told to stop misleading consumers about 'free' apps

Apple drags its heels whilst Google drops ‘free’ label from apps with in-app purchases

The European Commission (EC) has recently been working with national authorities and app store owners to address concerns over in-app purchases, especially where those transactions are undertaken by children. Google's response was positive, while Apple says it that it is doing "more than others" to protect parents.

Are you safe against mobile threats? Check out our tips for keeping the crooks away...


Do you use a mobile device? (Of course you do!)

Read Sophos researcher Vanja Svajcer's paper, "Mobile Security Threat Report," and check out our expert tips for keeping the crooks away...

Oracle and Java, Apple and the FTC, Google and privacy - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Why was this month's Java update a "must patch"? Should in-app purchases be allowed to target children? Is it a good idea to give Google control of your home?

Find out in 60 Second Security for 18 Jan 2014

Apple slapped with settlement over shabby sales security in the App Store


Apple is understandably proud of the App Store - it has made lots and lots of money, with more or less no malware.

But not everyone has been entirely happy with Cupertino's acumen in application delivery...including the FTC.

Apple finally adopts HTTPS for the App Store - here's why it matters

Last year, a Googler named Dr. Elie Bursztein noticed that Apple's App Store protocols were using HTTP where HTTPS would have been much better.

Some time later, Apple has changed its ways.

Paul Ducklin explains why it matters...

Serious security holes fixed in Opera - but Mac App Store users left at risk again

Serious security holes fixed in Opera - but Mac App Store users left at risk again

It should go without saying that if you use Opera, you should update to version 12.13 as soon as possible.

But... what if you didn't get your copy of Opera from the official website?

What if, instead, you acquired your version of Opera for Mac from Apple's Mac App Store?

Apple acts against "bait-and-switch" scammers in the App Store

Apple announced today that the bait-and-switch of software screenshots in the App Store will no longer be allowed.

Once you submit an app, you'll have to stick to your original marketing materlal until the app is updated and re-approved. Good thing.

Dodgy Android markets shut down by FBI in copyright crackdown

Dodgy Android markets shut down by FBI

Some Android users have got a nasty scare, as three websites - involved in the distribution of cracked and stolen Android smartphone apps - were shut down by the FBI.

Windows malware found in iOS App Store. Say what?!

Windows malware found in iOS App Store. Say what?!

Malware has hit the iOS App Store! But don't panic; it won't harm your iPhone or iPad - it's Windows malware.

Yes, you did hear that right.

Russian hacker's App Store fraud site adds Mac support

Russian hacker's App Store fraud site adds Mac support

ZonD Eighty, the Russian hacker who brought App Store fraud to unjailbroken iPads and iPhones, has extended his "service" to OS X users.

Mac owners can now join their iDevice brethren in ripping off developers.

SSCC 95 - Oracle patches, lost USB sticks, App Store shenanigans and WiFi heists

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Chet and Duck take on the week's news once again in their inimitable and informative style.

You'll be glad to hear that there are several "good news" stories this week - data that didn't leak, malware that didn't infect, and cybercriminals who didn't get away with it!

Apple's App Store bypassed by Russian hacker, leaving developers out of pocket

Apple's App Store bypassed by Russian hacker, leaving developers out of pocket

A Russian hacker has created a website you can use to make fraudulent in-app purchases on your iPad or your iPhone.

This is a pretty big blow to Apple - especially at a time when it is facing criticism for some of the stuff it lets into the App Store in the first place.

Do the Mac App Store and Gatekeeper provide sufficient protection?


Apple is pushing its users more and more to download apps from the Mac App Store. But what happens if the software on the Mac App Store is less secure than non-App Store versions?

iPhone app 'Lock My Screen'? Well, no, it doesn't actually


iPhone users are being tricked into buying a phony screen-lock app, which is actually nothing more than a wallpaper.

Apple ratchets up security on App Store and iTunes

Apple ratchets up security on App Store and iTunes

Apple is prompting some of its iTunes/App Store/iOS customers to set up three new security questions and an alternate email, in an attempt to smother a growing wave of phishing and fraud.

Apple lets security researcher into App Store, then throws toys out of cot


Security researcher Charlie Miller recently published a YouTube video in which he shows, in his own words, how to break "the App Store [anti-malware] model using a flaw in the iOS code signing enforcement mechanism."

Apple wasn't best pleased!

Apple lets malware into App Store

App Store cracked

A security hole in iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads, has allowed hacker Charlie Miller to defeat Apple’s famously discerning App Store review process.