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Free iPhone rogue applications run riot on Facebook

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Facebook is being deluged with messages claiming that users have received free iPhones, and inviting others to participate in a scheme to receive a free Apple smartphone for themselves. However, the messages are being sent by a brace of rogue Read more…

Shocking real crimes on Google Streets? No, it's another viral Facebook scam

Shocking real crimes on Google Streets? No, it's another viral Facebook scam

Once again a viral scam is spreading rapidly across Facebook, posting messages on users' profiles in an attempt to trick the unwary into installing a rogue application. Here's a video where I demonstrate the attack: (Enjoy this video? You can Read more…

Facebook unnamed app: Hackers poison search results

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Thanks to Clu-blog reader Jamie for contacting me regarding a scare that is currently spreading bewteen Facebook users. Users of the social-networking site are warning each other of what is rumoured to be a rogue application, spying on their activities Read more…

Facebook Fan Check Virus scare leads to malware

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Beware of Googling (or indeed Yahooing or Binging or using any other internet search engine) for information about something called "Facebook Fan Check Virus", as you're likely to end up on a website hosting malicious code. Watch this YouTube video Read more…