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What's Wikileaks hiding in its 400GB of 'insurance' files?


Last week Wikileaks released an enormous collection of mysterious 'insurance' data on to the web. The data was released in 3 sizeable torrent files alongside a message asking the people of earth to mirror the data far and wide. But what's in the files?

"Julian Assange of Wikileaks arrested in London" hoax

WikiLeak's Assange unlikely to face charges

Controversial Wikileaks pinup Julian Assange has been arrested after slipping out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London to seek medical treatment at a nearby clinic.

Or has he?

'Assange to be ARRESTED' - British police in document dissemination gaffe

'Assange to be ARRESTED' - British police in document dissemination gaffe

A uniformed police officer at a recent Assange-oriented press briefing fell under the lens of a Press Association snapper.

The officer was carrying a clipboard...can you guess what happened next?

WikiLeaks delays more secure whistleblower system

WikiLeaks's Julian Assange unlikely to face charges

WikiLeaks has indefinitely delayed the release of a new system for whistleblowers to remain anonymous while submitting tips, according to reports.

Apple fakery, DNS hack, DigiNotar, Linux, Wikileaks - 60 Sec Security


Lots of readers said they'd like to see our 'news-with-a-conscience' videos more than once a month.

So here you go. 60 Second Security, once every two weeks.

WikiLeaks, Gawker, OpenBSD, Lineage II - 90 Sec News - Dec 2010


Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in 90 seconds!

This month: the WikiLeaks show, massive Gawker password theft, an out-of-the-blue OpenBSD accusation, and virtual property stolen from Lineage II.

WikiLeaks - the REAL lessons behind the drama


Everyone out there - consider yourselves on notice about privacy, secrecy, security, encryption, data leakage prevention, and the rest of it.

It's not the data which WikiLeaks leaked, it's the leak of the WikiLeaks data.