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Winners of the AusCERT 2013 #sophospuzzle (and how to solve it)


Here's how to solve the #sophospuzzle that was featured at Sophos's conference booth at AusCERT 2013.

And here are the five lucky winners of our prize draw...

Sophos RED scoops "Protector Award" at this year's AusCERT conference

We're proud to say that at this evening's 2013 Information Security awards at the AusCERT conference in Australia, Sophos scooped the "Protector Award" with its Sophos RED product.

Paul Ducklin says, "Well done" to the techies behind the technology...

Get ready for the next #sophospuzzle - coming soon to a T-shirt near you

It's almost time for the annual AusCERT conference in Queensland, Australia.

And for everyone who's asked, the answer is, "Yes! There's a #sophospuzzle!"

No, you don't have to be there to join in...

VIDEO: How to solve the AusCERT 2012 #sophospuzzle

Mythbuster meets FPSRussia?

By popular demand, here is a video explaining how to solve the puzzle we published on our AusCERT 2012 conference T-shirt.

44 solvers from 14 countries cracked it in the time allowed - find out how they did it!

The full AusCERT 2012 #sophospuzzle - cut, paste, solve, NERF!


Here is the full text of the #sophospuzzle from this year's AusCERT T-shirt.

Cut, paste, solve and get in the running to win a NERF gun.

Calling all #sophospuzzle fans - AusCERT is here, and so is #DECODEME 2012!


Join those who are attending the AusCERT 2012 conference, and get stuck into the latest #sophospuzzle.

You don't have to be at the conference to enter and win!

The 2011 #DecoDeme challenge - the final, official version


At last! The final, conference-ready code for the #decodeme challenge is here.

Even if you're not at the AusCERT conference, why not give it a go?

Free T-shirts? It's not a scam, it's #decodeme again!

Free T-shirts? It's not a scam, it's #decodeme again!

We've produced another puzzle T-shirt in our acclaimed DecoDeme range. The shirts will be available for free at next week's AusCERT 2011 conference.

But you can check out a sneak preview of the latest in geek fashion now.

IBM distributes USB malware cocktail at AusCERT security conference

Image (2) ibm-auscert-malware.jpg for post 16625

Sheesh. This must rank as one of the most embarrassing things a security company can do at a security conference. IBM has admitted that the complimentary USB drives it handed out this week at the AusCERT conference on the Gold Read more…

Sophos at AusCERT 2010 – #DecoDeme T-shirt puzzle text

Sophos at AusCERT 2010 – #DecoDeme T-shirt puzzle text

AusCERT 2010 is starting in one hour. To help you enter the competition, and so you can spend this evening at the cocktail party, not typing in encoded text off the T-shirt, here it is in computer-friendly form: %~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~% |H4sIAAAAAAACA3P3dLOwTOxh| Read more…

Sophos at AusCERT 2010 – #DecoDeme

Image (2) m41-scale-tank.jpg for post 1518

The annual AusCERT conference starts tomorrow evening, Sunday 16 May 2010, on Queensland's Gold Coast. If you are attending, don't forget to come past the Sophos stand to collect this year's edition of Sophos's sought-after DecoDeme T-shirt fashion range. In Read more…

Sophos Australia at AusCERT 2009

Sophos Australia at AusCERT 2009

Dear Diary, Last week was AusCERT 2009 - the biggest, and arguably the best, computer security conference and trade show in Australia. The event takes place at the Royal Pines resort in South East Queensland, far from the madding crowds, Read more…