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SSCC 106 - US DoD and BYOD, "scanner" malware, 2FA, and browser wars revisited [PODCAST]


For your listening pleasure, here's the latest episode in our popular "Chet Chat" series.

Senior Security Advisor Chester Wisniewski discusses the latest security news with regular guest Paul Ducklin in an entertaining and easily-digested quarter-hour podcast. boosts security for bloggers with two-factor authentication

With powering more than 60 million websites worldwide, anything to improve the safety and security of its users is to be welcomed.

Paul Ducklin tries out the new WordPress 2FA service on his Naked Security account...

"Im getting paid!" - Websites hosted on WordPress hacked due to users' poor password security

"Im getting paid!" - Websites hosted on Wordpress compromised due to sloppy password security

Millions of blogs hosted on can breathe a sigh of relief - although a hacker did manage to break into thousands of sites and publish a make-money-fast advert, it wasn't because of any vulnerability on the site.

Instead, it seems users had simply been careless with their password security. suffers hacker attack - how to change your password suffers hacker attack - how to change your password

Millions of blog owners around the world are being advised to consider their password security, after was hacked. targeted by DDoS attack targeted by DDoS attack, home to millions of blogs around the world, is currently being hit by an "extremely large" distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.