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Fraudster jailed after pillaging Facebook accounts for personal information

Fraudster jailed after pillaging Facebook accounts for personal information

A British man stole £35,000 from his neighbours' bank accounts after determining their passwords via personal information they posted on Facebook.

What lessons can we learn to prevent there being similar cases in future?

Russian hacker avoids jail after $9 million RBS WorldPay ATM heist


A hacker involved in the "most sophisticated and organised computer fraud attack ever" has avoided a jail sentence.

Is Russia being tough enough on cybercriminals?

NASDAQ reports hackers broke into its servers


The NASDAQ stock exchange has called in investigators from the FBI after discovering it had become the target of hackers.

It says that "at no point" were its trading systems compromised, but major Fortune 500 companies may still have cause for concern.

Compromised website used in Bank of America phish

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In malware analysis, it is quite common to come across attacks that you quite simply cannot believe could really work. I quite often find myself asking the question how anyone could actually fall victim to that? Yesterday, one of my colleagues was analyzing a banking Trojan that provided just such a case.

British e-crime police need more funding, says Met Police chief

Paul Stephenson

Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has described how 'traditional' organised crime in Britain is "waking up to the profits and uses of e-crime" and that the authorities need to be properly funded to respond. Writing in the Sunday Read more…

USA charges 60 people as part of international ZBot investigation


The US Department of Justice has charged more than 60 people in connection with a criminal scheme involving the ZBot Trojan horse. ZBot, also known as Zeus, is a family of malware that can hijack your computer, making it part Read more…

Computer cops arrest 19 in dawn ZBot raid

Arrests in ZBot case

19 people have been arrested by British police, under suspicion that they stole millions of pounds from online bank accounts by installing malware. Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) swooped a number of addresses in a dawn-time Read more…

Hacker behind $9 million RBS WorldPay ATM heist avoids Russian jail


Russian prosecutors have served a hacker with a six year suspended sentence after he admitted his involvement in a worldwide hack that withdrew $9 million from ATM cash machines. 29-year-old Viktor Pleshchuk, of St. Petersburg, Russia, received a reduced sentence, Read more…

Phishers exploit HMRC tax error refund in UK

Phishers exploit HMRC tax error refund in UK

Tax authorities in the UK are contacting millions of people, telling them that they have paid the wrong amount of tax. As the BBC reports, the mistakes in tax payment calculations have been uncovered following the introduction of a new Read more…

PCI data security song [VIDEO]


If your company handles customer credit card payments from the likes of Visa, Mastercard and American Express, then it's paramount that you keep that information securely. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has created a data security standard, explaining how firms Read more…

Mystery surrounds iTunes/PayPal web scam

Mystery surrounds iTunes/PayPal web scam

Here's the story so far. On Monday, TechCrunch reported that there appeared to be a "major security hole" in iTunes accounts which were linked to PayPal. Affected users began to report that somehow unauthorised charges had appeared on their PayPal Read more…

Six people arrested in phishing investigation

Six people arrested in phishing investigation

A gang of suspected fraudsters, alleged to have stolen details of more than 20,000 bank accounts and credit cards in an operation that could have netted £3 million (US$4.7 million), have been arrested by authorities in London and Navan, Ireland. Read more…

Sophos Security Threat Report Mid-2010

Sophos Security Threat Report Mid-2010

Sophos has today published the mid-year update to its 2010 Security Threat Report, revealing the latest trends and findings from the world of cybercrime. Read the official press release here. I'm doing my bit to promote the report's findings, having Read more…

Citi iPhone banking app contains security flaw

Citi iPhone banking app contains security flaw

iPhone-owning customers of Citigroup have been urged to update their mobile banking app immediately because of a security flaw that secretly stored account numbers, bill payments and security access codes in a hidden file. The Citi Mobile app allows customers Read more…

PayPal phishing attack - would you have been fooled?

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Here's an email I received this morning claiming to come from PayPal, informing me that my account has been suspended because someone has been repeatedly trying (and failing) to access it. From: Subject: A high number of failed login Read more…

Data breaches spiral around Nick Clegg in UK election

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Nick Clegg, leader of Britain's Liberal Democrat party, has found himself in the middle of a couple of stories about data security with the UK election just a matter of weeks away. British tabloid The Sun is reporting that Clegg's Read more…

By Zeus! Malware makes the headlines

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A report on the BBC News website today reports that the "Zeus banking virus is back". To which my response is, "did it ever leave?" Zeus (also known as ZBot) is a family of malware that is capable of hijacking Read more…

Charles Schwab account hacker jailed for 37 months

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The Department of Justice has announced that a man has been jailed for 37 months after being found guilty of hacking into stock market investment accounts at the Charles Schwab online brokerage, and stealing over $246,000. Between September 2006 to Read more…

Bank of America insider to admit planting malware on ATMs

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A worker at Bank of America is expected to plead guilty tomorrow to charges that he installed malware onto his employer's ATM cash machines that allowed him to withdraw cash without being noticed. According to prosecutors, 37-year-old Rodney Reed Caverley Read more…

From pizza to cybercrime: DarkMarket mastermind jailed

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The mastermind behind one of the world's most notorious underground internet forums was sent to jail for four years and eight months on Friday. 33-year-old Renukanth Subramaniam created DarkMarket, a website for cybercriminals and fraudsters to buy and sell stolen Read more…