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I've been banned by the BBC!

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Mark Perrow, the executive producer of the controversial BBC Click documentary about botnets, published his justification for the programme on the BBC website. It's well worth reading if you're interested in understanding the BBC's opinion, and checking out other people's Read more…

BBC and botnets - a storm in a teacup?

BBC and botnets

The BBC has hit the news recently for indulging in a bit of cybercriminality - or something very close to it - in which they seem to have: rented a botnet of about 22,000 PCs from cybercriminals commanded the PCs Read more…

Did BBC break the law by using a botnet to send spam?

Did BBC break the law by using a botnet to send spam?

The Computer Misuse Act makes it an offence in the United Kingdom to access another person's computer, or alter data on their computer, without the owner's permission. The legislation has been used on a number of occasions to bring British Read more…